Pervert Alley: “Pastor” Michael Orten blames victim in defense of hiring convicted sex offender Thomas Hopper at their church, Truth Apostolic Church

Orten and HopperI cannot believe what I have read! This “man of God” is blaming the victim of a sex crime for the rape and sodomy committed against her. Seriously, can this be real? I don’t care what age the victim is – RAPE IS RAPE. You absolutely do not blame the victim. However, in this case and multitudes of others, age is a factor. She is a minor, a child. She legally and morally CANNOT give consent. The comments by Mr. Orten makes me wonder if he is also a pedophile. In my opinion, that this the only other kind of person that can condone this kind of crime. He is being portrayed in the media as pro-rape, and I am quickly starting to believe that as well. Now, if Mr. Orten were to be raped (and I do not condone that in anyway), wouldn’t he be a victim to his own statement “It takes two to tango”?

As for this convicted sex offender, he spent 10 years in prison for this crime. Then he reoffended and was convicted of trespassing and criminal confinement. Then he was arrested for stalking a young girl. He is on the sex offender registry for life. This is not a man who made a mistake and wants to make amends. I do not care how long ago the rape and sodomy happened. It still happened. For the victim, it is a life sentence. For Mr. Hopper, maybe it is over and done with, but for her it is forever. But obviously Mr. Orten does not care about the victims of sex crimes. After all, they are to blame for the crime. Give me a break! If he was really a “man of God”, he would learn about compassion towards these victims and learn how to help them, as he is NOT helping them now, especially the victims of Mr. Hopper. Remember Mr. Orten, the victim should always come first and NEVER be forgotten.

[photo: Michael Orten and Thomas Hopper]

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