Update: Tiffanie Adams murder *Stepbrother, Johnus Orr convicted of killing her and her unborn son; Sentencing will be July 29, 2016*

dv awareness

Tiffanie Adams

Murder In The Family: Johnus Luke Orr charged with killing his pregnant stepsister, Tiffanie Adams and her unborn son, Brysten; Trial to start June 27, 2016
Rape allegation at the center of pre-trial hearing in Johnus Orr murder case
Rape allegations surface in Sullivan homicide trial of Johnus Orr
Text messages from Tiffanie Adams’ phone read aloud during Sullivan County murder trial
Cell phone evidence at the center of testimony on Thursday in Sullivan County murder trial
Ex-wife testifies in Johnus Orr homicide trial
Trial of Johnus Orr to conclude today
Jury finds Johnus Orr GUILTY in the death of Tiffanie Adams and unborn son
Johnus Orr Guilty
The Testimony That Convinced a Jury

Johnus Orr
Johnus Luke Orr

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