Update: Serial Killer Michael Madison killings *He was convicted and sentenced to death*

Madison victims

Angela Deskins
Shirellda Terry
Shetisha Sheeley

News Archive: Serial Killer Michael Madison killings
Trial for Ohio man charged with killing 3 women set to begin
Trial starts for accused serial killer, Michael Madison
Opening statements begin in Michael Madison trial
Prosecutors open Michael Madison trial with details of mutilated bodies
Michael Madison’s ex says the accused serial killer ‘can’t stand the female species’
East Cleveland serial killer Michael Madison convicted on 13 counts: ‘He will never do this again’
Michael Madison found guilty of murdering three women in East Cleveland
Verdict Reached in Michael Madison Trial
Serial killer Michael Madison’s childhood abuse used as defense to avoid death penalty
Jury to consider if Michael Madison should be executed
Michael Madison jury deciding whether to recommend death penalty for the East Cleveland serial killer
Jury recommends death penalty for Michael Madison
Man lunges at daughter’s killer at sentencing
Victim’s dad rushes Michael Madison after sentencing
Wikipedia: Michael Madison

Michael Madison
Michael Madison

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