Natalia Casagrande murder 5/31/2016 Magna, UT *Suspect, Jason Alan Black, charged with her murder*

Natalia Casagrande
Natalia Casagrande

**Update** Prime suspect named as Jason Alan Black. Estephania Sanchez-Mendoza has been arrested as his accomplice, possibly his getaway driver.

Police: Woman’s death in Magna is now a homicide
Police rule death of Magna mother as homicide following autopsy results
As police investigate homicide, loved ones hold vigil for Magna mother of two
5-year-old girl may be key witness to mother’s death in Magna
Police shoot, critically injure ‘prime suspect’ in killing of Magna mother
Suspect in Magna mom’s death in serious condition
Police shoot and wound man linked to Magna slaying
Who Killed This Magna Mother of Two Little Girls?
Suspect in killing shot in ‘gun battle’ with police; alleged accomplice arrested
Police: Man linked to Magna slaying knew the victim, had been to her home before
Charges: Kearns man murdered mother, tried to suffocate 5-year-old

Jason Black
Jason Alan Black


Estephania Sanchez-Mendoza

Sex: F
Age: 24
Height: 503
Weight: 135
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN

Inmate Information
Booking #: 16026494
SO#: 369260
State ID:
Citizen: MEXICO

Incarceration Information
Current Location: MAIN
Current Housing Section: 05
Current Housing Block: C
Current Housing Cell: 05
Current Housing Bed: A
Booked Date: 06/03/2016
Release Date:

Alias Information
There are no aliases for this inmate.

Bond Information
Case #:
Amount: $50,000.00
Status: Open
Posted By:
Post Date: 06/03/2016

SanchezMendoza info

3 Responses

    • Interesting how more intel is coming out about this horrific case. Man kills women for $600 & drugs then goes to parents home and gets shot by police. Case closed – seems like a simple clear cut case. Not so!

      Thanks Janet you are contributing to sharing increasing intel on the widening gaps in this case. Not so smart when it clearly shows there are now more questions on who really committed the crime. The truth will prevail!

  1. Looks like Janet is family member of Steve Arceo. Bet she has stopped posting links on the case now the truth is coming out about the case.

    Drug dealing comes with cover ups, manipulation, fear, malice, jealousy and most importantly ignorance. No doubt solid credentials for the law enforcement authorities to consider when taking Steve’s statement.

    Going by Steve Arceo’s social media which has been most recently updated to amplify the ‘loving husband’ and honest citizen image. Just shows PR must be a key priority for him right now. Hopefully he has placed the same amount emphasis that he has on facebook on building the courage and humanity to tell the truth for the sake of his innocent children.

    This is such an awful story knowing a life has been lost.

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