Pervert Alley: Marina Alexeevna Lonina charged with livestreaming her friend’s rape on the Internet; Raymond Boyd Gates also charged with rape

Gates and Lonina
Raymond Gates & Marina Lonina

Press Release: Woman indicted for using Periscope app to live stream rape of friend by man who has also been indicted for that rape
Teenage girl charged with livestreaming rape of 17yo friend on Periscope
Man Raped 17-Year-Old Girl While Her Friend Recorded Attack on Periscope: Prosecutors
Rape of 17-Year-Old Was Streamed on Periscope: Ohio Prosecutor
Woman indicted, accused of live streaming friend’s rape
Ohio woman allegedly live-streamed 17-year-old’s rape on Periscope
Suspects accused of live streaming rape plead not guilty

2 Responses

  1. Why oh why would anyone agree to do something like that? How could anyone still call themselves a “friend” if they agreed to film another woman’s rape?! Some one that she called a “friend”! She has no right to call that poor woman her friend!

  2. Can anyone say we are, as a society, headed in the right direction?

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