Mass Murder: Richard Wade Farley shot & killed 7 co-workers and injured 4 others after stalking Laura Black for 4 years; He now resides on death row

Laura Black
Laura Black

Joe Silva, 43
Buddy Williams, 23
Glenda Mortiz, 27
Ron Reed, 26
Helen Laparter, 49
Lawrence J. Kane, 46
Ron Doney, 36
Laura Black (survived)
Gregory Scott, 39 (survived)
Richard Townsley, 44 (survived)
Patty Marcott (survived)

Black obsession leaves 7 dead, 4 wounded in California
Spurned suitor kills 7, wounds 5 at defense plant
Spurned suitor arrested after killing 7
Farley arraigned on seven counts of murder
Gunman says he quite when ‘fun’ wore off
Man to be tried in slaying of seven over unrequited love
Man is accused of killing seven
‘Unrequited love’ killer on trial
ESL plant shooting survivor recalls ’88 massacre
The Devil and the Death Penalty: Richard Farley (GREAT article)
Murderpedia: Richard Wade Farley
Wikipedia: Richard Farley

Deadly Demands: You Will Be Mine
I Can Make You Love Me



CDCR#: H23501
Age: 67
Admission Date: 01/22/1992
Current Location: San Quentin Death Row

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  1. Laura Black or Laura Brown?

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