Cold Case: Barbara Jean Rocky murder 3/11/1974 Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT *Gerald W. Hicker pled guilty to manslaugter, sentenced to 5 years in prison; Released from prison 10/30/2012

Dating Violence

Barbara Jean Rocky
Barbara Jean Rocky

Gerald Hicker died in 2014′

Washington man arrested in 1974 slaying of BYU student
Man Arrested in 33-Year-Old Homicide
DNA Leads To Arrest In 1974 BYU Slaying
DNA Solves Utah Cold Case
Suspect charged after 33 years
Hicker admits killing BYU student in 1974
Man confesses to 1974 murder of BYU student
Man pleads guilty in ’74 murder of BYU student
Man who killed woman after alleged canyon devil worship asks for prison release
Man who killed BYU student gets 2012 release date

On The Case With Paula Zahn: Betrayal in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Gerald Hicker
Gerald Hicker

One Response

  1. This scum bag got quite the awesome deal only spending 5 years in prison for killing an innocent girl. I hope real justice is served for him in the afterlife.

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