Murder In The Family: Israel Tiharihondi killed his family; Sentenced to LWOP

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Ahimbisibwe Family

Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe
Dorcus Ahimbisibwe
Israel “Jay” Ahimbisibwe, Jr, 5

Priest, wife and son among victims of deadly surge
Police: Pastor, wife and son found dead in West Houston apartment
Houston priest and family found beaten to death
Priest’s son charged with killing him, mother, and brother
Son of slain priest speaks from behind bars
Hundreds attend funeral service for slain Ahimbisibwe family
Son back in Houston to face charges in family’s death
Possible defense options for murder suspect Isaac Tiharihondi
Texas pastor’s son accused of triple murder faces judge
Son gets life sentence for family’s slaying
on of Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe sentenced to life in prison for murder of his father, mother, and brother

Israel Tiharihondi
Israel Tiharihondi

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  1. Sad story

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