Monsters Among Us: Westley Allan Dodd, child sex predator and killer; Executed 1/5/1993

Dodd victims

William Neer, 10 [9/4/1989]
Cole Neer, 11 [9/4/1989]
Lee Iseli, 4 [10/29/1989]

Find-A-Grave: William James “Billy” Neer
Find-A-Grave: Cole LaVern Neer
Find-A-Grave: Lee Joseph Iseli
Boy’s screams lead to arrest of suspected killer at theater
Man accused of slaying 3 boys (part 1)
Slayings (part 2)
Jury hears Dodd’s grisly plans
Jurors hear Dodd describe rape, murders of three boys
Jury hears Dodd’s grisly plan to kill other children
State v Westley Allan Dodd 1992
Tale of the tape: Dodd tells how he killed 3 boys
Man admits killing kids
Diary of a killer
Killer sentenced to die
Murderpedia: Westley Allan Dodd
Wikipedia: Westley Allan Dodd
Illusions Are Also Left Dead As Child-Killer Awaits Noose
Interview With A Monster
Dodd Victims’ Kin To Be Paid
Find-A-Grave: Westley Allan Dodd

Driven to Kill
The Mind of The Devil: The Cases of Arthur Gary Bishop and Westley Allan Dodd (The Development of the Violent Mind Book 2)
Westley Allan Dodd: The Victorian-Renaissance Evidence: A Review of the Motive to Murder Children (Volume 1)

Real Detective: Malice

Westley Dodd
Westley Allan Dodd


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