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How the Bizarre Connection Between a Beloved Teacher and an Ex-Con Led to a Brutal Slaying

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (December 15, 2015) — In a story even more unbelievable than the most outrageous soap opera plot line, Crime Watch Daily examines the shocking murder of Harry Major, a revered Hollywood High School English teacher whose 28-year career impacted thousands of students, including a host of future celebrities. Who would kill such a cherished community icon? Clues started to emerge when Harry’s close friend, Dale Rowse, uncovered a shocking secret; hundreds of letters between Major and violent felons in various prisons across the country. “I tell you, I didn’t see that part of him ever in years – no hint of it, so he did a very good job of separating those two worlds,” says Dale to Crime Watch Daily. The letters were sexual in nature and promised money and housing to the prisoners upon their release in exchange for sex. One pen pal by the name of Scott Kratlian, who was staying with Major at the time of his death, stood out to authorities. The two had started corresponding via a soap opera fan club. Just days after Major’s murder, Kratlian was photographed with his favorite soap opera actress Lesli Kay who tells Crime Watch Daily, “I went home and told my fiancé, ‘he’s the nicest guy, he’s also probably a serial killer’.”
Was Kay right about Kratlian? Tune into Crime Watch Daily on Tuesday, December 15.

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