Psycho For Love: Carlton Ray Champion Jr killed Ty Underwood; Sentenced to life in prison

Dating Violence

Ty Underwood

Tyler police identify homicide victim involved in wreck
Homicide victim’s friend: ‘He’s such an amazing person’
Arrest Affidavit Champion
AFFIDAVIT: Suspect in Ty Underwood murder “was supposed to get some kind of sexual favor” from her
Police: Longview man charged for murder of Ty Underwood
Arrest affidavit reveals new details in transgender woman’s shooting death
Suspect Charged in Murder of Texas Trans Woman Ty Underwood
Carlton Champion found guilty of murder after 3 days of testimony
Champion found guilty in January murder of Ty Underwood
UPDATE: Carlton Champion to serve life in prison for murder
Carlton Champion sentenced to life in prison for murder of trans woman Ty Underwood

Fatal Attraction: Death by Secrets
Grave Mysteries: Mister Wrong
The Murder Tapes: The Truth is Dangerous


Carlton Ray Champion Jr

SID Number: 07981834
TDCJ Number: 02037246
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1994-01-12
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: FERGUSON
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2045-04-15
Next Parole Review Date: 04/15/2045


3 Responses

  1. Tragic tale. So much information not in cited articles. I want to know more about when he realized she was a he, and if she/he withheld that information from him until he ‘discovered’ it himself. He could have known all along. But it would make more sense to be informed. And, he may have been identifying as a female but he was a male nonetheless and should be referred to as such.


  2. This case is being shown on Fatal Attractions on TVOne. Supposedly, Ty was gonna ‘out’ the guy. This wasn’t a hate crime. The guy didn’t want anyone to know he was gay and having a relationship with a transsexual.


  3. I am watching this show GRAVE MYSTERIES now on I.D.Discovery on my day off. So sad. I recall seeing this on another station, maybe feasibly TVONE. Why would such a young good looking man do this to her/him. I get she was living yes as a woman.But was a man yes. But he did not deserve this early death like this so brutal. The show is saying Carlton Ray Champion knew Ty Underwood was a man, but he wanted to keep this a secret. He didn’t want it to get out. Selfish evil man do that to this person and may TY continue to RIP now. At least the killer did not get away with it. I understand yes men living as a lady should be honest, yes. He was honest with Mr.Champion.But he still took Ty life and for that i am glad he is in prison. RIP TY. Please be careful on KIK FB other apps everyone, please. Life is too precious not to be. God bless TY.


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