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  1. 1. ENOUGH! 3 trials to the tax payers already!
    2. Prosecutors have NO New evidence to support a 4th trial, and didn’t get a conviction in the 3rd one.
    3. Our constitution upholds the court/trial process…REASONABLE DOUBT Exists!
    – No body
    – No murder weapon
    – No witness
    – No blood splatter, only “minute’ drops that were not scientifically tested to be even fresh blood
    – No real investigstion of the convicted rapist she’d befriended at the bar where she was ‘cocktail’ waitressing (she should have been home with her kids at night!)
    – No case!
    * If I a female age 53 was a Juror; how would I base my decision? On all of the above PLUS my gut instinct…Yeah, CAL KILLED HER… However, You can’t convict on gut instinct…the State of New York DID NOT BRING IT!! (#a4th-trial??) Leave this man and his innocent grieving, suffering children who love him and believe in him… leave them the hell alone!!!

    • If you are concerned about tax payer dollars, why aren’t you upset that Cal appealed each of the two times he was found guilty by a jury? If you say Cal killed her, why aren’t you upset at Cal et al for not accepting his punishment?

  2. Would you say ”ENOUGH” if Michele was your daughter, even though you seem to accept that Calvin Harris is indeed guilty? Just because his kids believe in him, means nothing. They are the innocents in this, and I’m sure if they could see it from the outside, they would want Cal Harris – her murderer – punished. If this guy were a regular person, he would be in prison, done and dusted by now, The fact he is not PROVES that money buys freedom in the US of A!!

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