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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Murder-Suicide: Paul Crawford killed the Schloegl Family and then himself in a dispute over property lines

Sauk Centre home

Warren Schloegl, 41
Marcella Schloegl, 39
Jodi Schloegl, 12
Eric Schloegl, 11

Find-A-Grave: Warren Leo Schloegl
Find-A-Grave: Marcella Esther Theisen Schloegl
Find-A-Grave: Jody Schloegl
Find-A-Grave: Eric Schloegl
Man kills family over land dispute
Man kills 4 neighbors, self
Man kills 4 neighbors, himself, over land feud

Fear Thy Neighbor: Lake of Madness

Paul Crawford


46 Responses

  1. Just watched this on fear thy neighbor on id. I have to say, the son and daughter in law of Crawford came across as a couple murder apologist pricks. Bad showing.

    • I agree they stay in the shadows try to say why they DROVE him to murdering them!!! And at the end saying Warren was yelling inside to him? The cop said 11 minutes earlier he was calm!!! THEN they show him looking at his dead wife’s pic to make him seem sympathetic!! He’s a monster hooting kids!!!! Woman!!! Anyone over a pier?? He goes back & LOOKS for a little kid the dog, shooting the dead again??? They drove him TO that???? No ONE do you hear me NO one could drive me to do what that scum did!!! He kills them then dies & doesnt have it anyway? Hope his kids enjoy that 10 feet of land their father killed a family for!! That poor familyPiece of crap!! This was SO upsetting to watch this monstrous story, kill a FAMILY over chest thumping

      • I know, right. That old man’s family was too cowardly to show their faces because they know the old man was wrong. smh

      • I agree, just watched this. Its left me feeling sick and angry, batshit crazy spineless asshole. Rot in hell

    • Ya the son is a real dick. How do you justify killing kids. They should have locked that old man up a long time ago. His sons name is Erick. Hey bud if you read this I hope you have a shitty life cause your dad was a dick.

    • I agree, they pretend the old man did nothing wrong, bs the guy was an a hole. Its no wonder they didn’t want to show there faces.

    • Your right about that ! What a bunch of cowardly piece of shits ! They got to have their faces blacked out for the shame of belonging to such a greedy and cowardly family..

    • Agreed ….. what a couple of douchbags they both were. Your father is a murderer. There is no excuse. He didn’t like this family and he SLAUGHTERED them. And his kids (who black their faces out with shame) sit there and try and reason and defend their father for this.

      He was pure evil and he murdered a whole family. Shame on either of you for even agreeing to be on the show, and then for attempting to DEFEND your piece of shit father.

  2. I have a neighbor who is stupid about her land to!She don’t want anyone on her land,but she think she have the right to come on your land.

    • I had a neighbor like us when my kids were young if they were riding a bike on the public sidewalk and at 5 yes old it wobbled & went over her grasp foot she wood come out screaming, if the kids stopped & talked just a couple 5 year Olds she would yell saying go to your sidewalk next door & talk & when snow built up so I put my garbage cans on the other side of my driveway still my land but on her side of my house her driveway was a full house length away tho she told the other neighboors maybe I didn’t pay my ;I’ll & was trying to make it look like they were hers!!! My house was twice size of hers& they were a house length apart as I said, what bothered me is her saying things like that when I shoveled her entire driveway & walk back then bcz I was in my 20s her in 70s & my mom taught me respect. It was clear money was no issue so I didn’t let her bother me, no one believed that & I td them my son’s igloo was on other side, the fact I had to explain it,she was a cra by old womanman who didn’t appreciate anything but I was still kind to her, what would Jesus do ya know? & I had to teach my kids by example that someone else’s bad behavior doesn’t change yours!!

  3. Just saw the horrific story about this poor family. The son and daughter in law of this sick madman should be held responsible!
    They knew the old bastard was a raging lunatic and chose to distance themselves instead of having him committed.
    After seeing the interview it’s obvious The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Paul’s son says when you back someone into a corner it’s acceptable to sneak up behind a father with a pistol and blow his head off then turn to his adolescent daughter and put three in her chest before walking in their home and killing the wife,
    Then going home and getting a rifle and coming back and killing the dog and then stalking down a 12 year old boy who was begging for his life and blowing his head off!!
    Paul’s son and daughter in law needs a lesson in violence!

    • I couldn’t agree more. Paul’s son never once condemned his fathers actions yet didn’t have the balls to show his face on television. I find it interesting that He had his face blurred!
      He’s a piece a shit just like his deranged father!

      • Just saw the horrific story about this poor family. The son and daughter in law of this sick madman should be held responsible!
        They knew the old bastard was a raging lunatic and chose to distance themselves instead of having him committed.
        After seeing the interview it’s obvious The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
        Paul’s son says when you back someone into a corner it’s acceptable to sneak up behind a father with a pistol and blow his head off then turn to his adolescent daughter and put three in her chest before walking in their home and killing the wife,
        Then going home and getting a rifle and coming back and killing the dog and then stalking down a 12 year old boy who was begging for his life and blowing his head off!!
        Paul’s son and daughter in law needs a lesson in violence!

  4. Also just watched fear thy neighbor. There’s no excuse to hurt children hopefully there’s a hell and Paul Crawford’s in it. I see he had a ex wife and his son had not anything nice to say about him. Like he was a loving father I’m guessing he was abuseive towards him and his mother and he was use to making excuses for what his father was a maniac.

  5. I was absolutely disgusted with Paul Crawford son. Never once did he apologize; quite the contrary he repeatedly justified his fathers behavior. Paul Crawford was a sick man, and the kind of human being that we should all fear. An inflexible, cruel hearted mad man, and his son is following in his footsteps.

    • You have no idea how his son felt. For all he knew, these people had been agitating his father for some time. They ignored him when he told them to get off the property. Not a reason to kill, I know, but why are people blaming the son?

      • Because he moved into a community whew everyone else shared that dock, decided to take it for himself, before a court dictated it, and then proceeded to sneak up, quite cowardly I might add, and shoot an unsuspecting family to death. His son showed no remorse. He his behind a cowardly blackout mask on TV, just like his soul less pos daddy.

  6. Regarding the episode of “Fear Thy Neighbor”, I agree, Paul Crawford’s son and daughter-in-law spoke as if Crawford was “provoked” and therefore Crawford’s murderous actions were justified! The son said, “I speculate [he] called my father names…” so in his world name calling justifies murder. The daughter-in-law said at the hospital when they were saying goodbye to Crawford (the murderer), people attempting to console the one remaining family member, Nikki, ‘made her feel as though they were guilty.’ My God! Her father-in-law just KILLED an entire family, shot the father in the back of the head – Crawford didn’t even have the courage to face the man – and turned his weapon on two defenseless children and their mother! At the very least the son and daughter-in-law should feel guilty! And, Paul Crawford had caused the same property line problems with other neighbors in the past! It’s not as if this was a single situation with the Schloegl family, he’d done this same thing before! How can Crawford’s son and in-law ignore that very pertinent fact! The situation is sad, but there’s no ignoring the fact that Paul Crawford’s son and daughter-in-law made the outcome even worse. At least now I understand why they wouldn’t show their faces on the show, I’d hide my face, too, if I were them!

  7. I saw the show, and it was sad. That man (Paul) had a lot of hate and anger inside of him. I felt for that family, only one wasn’t there to in deer that evil. For Paul’s son and daughter in law to sit there with their face’s blurred out, it’s just to show you both of them are cowards. He couldn’t even say, my father was wrong. I say shame on the both of them.. It wasn’t that damn serious, over some property. Paul went straight to hell. RIP to The Schloegl Family…. Again a sad and senseless story 😦

  8. I just watched this episode and I hope that there is a hell for this hateful evil man.
    At 72 years old this piece of shit had lived his hateful disgusting life and to kill an entire family because he didn’t get the result he wanted when he called the officer…
    And I agree with the other posts about his evil offspring and in law, they knew to hide their faces…they were justifying his murderous rampage.
    A couple of sickos!

    • You’re exactly right. The unapologetic, enabling, coward for a son claims imaginary name calling provoked his rigid, paranoid father to kill an entire family. You hit the nail on the head. Paul didn’t get the outcome he wanted, when the sheriff showed up, so he took matters into his own pathetic, cowardly hands. So upsetting to see this.

  9. I just saw this case on “Fear Thy Neighbor” and actually sat there and cried. Just a senseless act over property lines. It’s obvious, there were other things going on with Paul Crawford. I think a need for control when everything (his health, etc) were out of control. Why would anyone make such a big deal out of something so little if it wasn’t his need to control his surroundings. But I have to agree with some of the comments about his family: His son and daughter-in-law did not ever acknowledge Paul was wrong but they are both too ashamed to show their faces. I was appalled when the son said that “he was backed into a corner”. There is no corner tight enough to kill an unarmed 11 year old boy who was trying to call for help. Nikki lost her whole family and her childhood in one barbaric act. Just so tragic.

    • So so sad , I just don’t understand the evil that some people have in their hearts . This land belongs to God , we are here some of us temporary . Poor Nikki may God give you strenght.

  10. I too just saw this episode–paul was a mean crotchety nut – bag old man— he was bitter– his children are in denial — i was shocked when he murdered the entire family—-thank God Nicki was not there— just too horrific for words

    • I agree. There is no excuse for these murders and I also felt the son and daughter in law justified this horrendous crime. I honestly thought to myself, are they really saying these things? What is this world coming to? I realize one would go to extreme measures to defend a deranged family member but in reality there is a line that cannot be crossed. If you are defending his evil actions, then you are insane just like him and you need serious help.

  11. Just saw this episode too and it hit me hard because Im actually in a dispute with my neighbor at the moment. Never know what people are capable of. Guess its a good thing Im a combat vet with a gun in every room of my house.

  12. There is a special place in hell for people like Paul Crawford and I wish I could tell his son and daughter-in-law that.

  13. I wonder what Paul’s son name is

    • Someone said Erick or Eric. What horrible, horrible people. And the horror that beautiful daughter has to live with.

  14. Wow. This disturbed me. I cannot believe this old guy went off the deep end like this. I do think the neighbors were on his property and he had the evidence from having it surveyed. He had also told them to stay off but the choose to keep agitating him. They seemed to just keep it going for some reason. What happened that he finally went nuts? Of course, nobody expected him to start killing family members. I’m sure the old guy had enough of being taunted, but going over and killing them? He then realized what he had done and obviously had not choice but to kill himself. To say his son and daughter in law should be held responsible is stupid. Nobody can take responsibility for someone else who cracks. If they were in on it or watched him do it that would be a different story. Horrible all around.

  15. Watching the son and daughter -in -law made me so sick ,for her to blatantly say he (Paul) would never hurt anyone unless threatend is a shame ,when he killed two kids at point blank range and the dog!They didn’t even have the balls to show their faces and speak what they thought ,they had to hide under the shadows of the dark!!!!You two are sick and pathetic!that old piece of shit was a miserable ol lonely hateful waste of good air and was just shitted out into this world that’s y he was so mad at the world. Same goes for his son a piece of no good worthless shit!!!

  16. What a no good piece of shit the son and daughter are ,they didn’t even have the balls to show their faces and speak their mind they had to hide under the cover of the shadows of the dark ,cowards just like Paul Crawford !!!

  17. I watched it and understand how grateful I am to have had a grandpa that was so laid back and chilled out. Yes, I agree that the son and daughter-in-law were blind to everything and stayed in the dark cause they are wusses to not show themselves. Paul did this himself cause who knows what he was telling his family?! This lake was a place for fun and activities, but Paul turned it into a place of evil and a massacre. Too sad that he couldn’t stop himself from staying inside and not doing anything, but he knew he did wrong. Why would he take his own life, after?! Too much of a sadness. Eric Crawford, I hope you see the show and realize there was no real pushing your father, except his mental state! You are just like him defending it all! How horrible to defend a whole family shot because Nikki would have been too, if she hadn’t left! Have a great life knowing you are labelled the nut cases son! Hide in your shadows cause you know it was wrong, too!

  18. I feel that was one greedy , resentful, hate hearted old man. Kill a family over a little bit of land. If the police dept. Had did their job this pay have not happened. As far as the family of the murderer they should have gave all the property to the one left family member. The least they could do. These were children for the love of God. What’s wrong with them the son of Paul must have his dads same character in himself. Greed Greed Greed. If they have remorse at all.. Give the girl all of it.

  19. Son is a coward and probably just like his evil father.


  21. There are no reasons to become a family murderer. He had a dispute with the father over property, but to kill children and the mother just . I don’t know what to say or think. I am glad in a way that the oldest daughter talked her dad into letting her go into town, at the same time it is sad she is the only remaining family member. I pray for the souls of the family and tend to agree that the son and daughtr-in-law knew that this man was a ticking time bomb they didn’t want to deal with. He had a history of these kind of disputes that he hadn’t killed before was possibly a miracle.

  22. Wow! There is NO RESON anyone could give anyone to justify killing a entire family especially innocent children. Not the murder’s family fault but seriously DO not make a justicifiaction it’s insulting to the strong beautiful young lady who is left with only memories. To minimize what that animal did by even making a statent of being pushed to do what he did is asinine at best. The absolute beauty the young lady has in her heart to feel no hate in return for what happened truly shows what a loving family she had because love shows through her speaking of her beloved family and shows even deeper by how she continues to NOT hold bitterness in her heart. That is truly the definition of love

  23. That Paul was a real piece of work. Moves into the lake and takes control of a dock that all the other neighbors share. His family sound like stiff selfish people too. That poor family.

  24. Just watched the episode “Fear thy Neighbor” based on this tragic case.
    Horrific!!!! When I was growing up my neighbor was very mean and possessive to. Nothing like this coward though.
    Poor Nikki knows her family has been butchered by this piece of dog shit and walks by and sees this murderer on life support? Holy shit!! And walks away? If i was in her shoes there would not have been enough security to keep me from making that cockroach scum suffered very very badly for his last few moments.
    How is that pig entitled to a funeral? No surprise his coward son and rest of inbred assholes he associated with where only ones to say goodbye.
    Should have thrown his body in the local dump…a true burial for this coward.
    Man and like father like son….
    His son and ho wife hide their coward faces as they justify this massacre based on the fact the dad was called to many names.
    Hey you piece of wastful sperm to bad your coward father didn’t drop that load on your whore mom’s belly instead of her inbred cunt you piece of coward shit.
    Nikki actually forgave you and your useless scum family?
    Dude just thank God you weren’t dealing with someone else….

  25. I just love how the monster’s son is given a platform to wildly assume that Mr. Schloegl had to be the aggressor and instigated his own murder and those of his family. I’d hide my face too!

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