Parents Gone Wild! Porche Wright charged with trying to kill her 7-year-old daughter, Taylor, by pouring gasoline over her and setting her on fire

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Porche Wright’s grandmother has chimed in to defend her, saying she is suffering from depression. Maybe she is, but to be a valid reason, she should have already been diagnosed with depression. Personally, I think that the family is going to say that to get sympathy for Porche Wright. Being depressed does not mean you are homicidal. She also had to think about what she was doing as she had to get access to the gasoline. It appears to me that the grandmother (and great-grandmother) was more worried about Porche than the daughter, Taylor. I do hope Taylor heals well, both physically and emotionally. She has a long road ahead of her.

Porche Wright Accused Of Setting Her 7-Year-Old Daughter On Fire
Grandmother Defends Mom Accused Of Lighting 7-Year-Old Daughter On Fire
Sacramento mom accused of setting daughter on fire charged with attempted murder
Police: Mom Arrested for Setting Daughter On Fire, Attempted Murder
Sacramento Mother Accused of Dousing 7-Year-Old Daughter in Flammable Liquid, Setting Her on Fire
Sacramento woman charged with setting daughter on fire

Porche Wright
Porche Wright

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  1. Ughhhhh how could the bitch even think to harm her child she deserves to rot in that cell shes in right now dumb ass bitches these days kill or hurt theyre children but when they are caught wanna lie and say that theyre depressed or possessed bitch for real?!?-e.v 2015


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