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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Cold Case: Greg Holman murder 10/08/1978 Scottsdale, AZ *After 30 years, Jon Douglas Benson convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison*

Greg Holman
Greg Holman

Cops seek clues in Scottsdale cold case death
30-year-old murder case still being investigated
Dig continues at home in effort to solve boy’s death
Clues surface in 1978 slaying of Scottsdale teen
Excavation helps solve 30-year-old murder
Police: 2 charged in cold-case murders
Man indicted in 1978 death
Jon Douglas Benson Registered Sex Offender

Murder Book: Promise Not to Tell


JonBenson prison mug

Last Name: BENSON
First Name: JON
Middle Initial: D
Inmate ID: 222301
Birth Date: 10/29/1963
Gender: MALE
Height (inches): 74
Weight: 230
Hair Color: GRAY
Eye Color: BLUE
Ethnic Origin: CAUCASIAN
Prison Release Date: 10/08/2014
Max End Date: 10/08/2014

Commitment Information 2 record(s)
Commit# Sentence yy/mm/dd Sentence County Court Cause# Offense Date Sentence Status Crime Crime Info Felony Class Ruling Verified
B01 7 Y/ 6 M/ 0 D MARICOPA 2008008061001D 10/08/1978 IMPOSED MANSLAUGHTER D/NR CL3 Y YES

Sentence Information 2 record(s)
Commit# Sentence yy/mm/dd Admit Date Consec/ Concur Release Date(s) Supervision End Sentence Expiration Flat Maximum
A01 3 Y/ 6 M/ 0 D 10/02/2007
B01 7 Y/ 6 M/ 0 D 12/03/2012 10/08/2014 10/08/2014 07/08/2016


30 Responses

  1. They let this guy go already!!!??? What?!! He should have rotted the rest of his life in prison. Yes, he was 15 when he did his crimes, but murder and multiple rapes, and never was forced to disclose fully what happened, as they allowed him manslaughter 2 charge?????!!!!!! Travesty!

  2. Just watched this on TV last night. I think this is a slap in the face to Greg’s family.

  3. Way to go america. You chase down people for not paying taxes and sentence them for 20+ years yet you let this bastard go with a slap on the wrist. Something is wrong here.

    People like this are the reason I’m seriously considering starting a business called Revenge Inc. For a small fee (cost of ammo, torture instruments, etc.) guys like this will disappear forever and you can be assured that their disposal wasn’t pretty.

    • I agree with the business , let me know if you need a partner to get this going..or as ppl pay for paper view to watch ufc, boxing, wwe, ect i say we vote like American Idol. once the fucker is caught Americans vote how hes tortured on live tv and pay to watch it… were all at a little more peace and America makes money off of it.that would open up new in which id apply for

    • Now that this monster is released he’ll be back to raping and murdering children. Congrats to the American government! Let’s continue watching our children be raped and killed by the Devils on this earth while you continue giving life sentences for drug possession and selling. Way to go!!!

  4. I can’t believe this. No wonder we live in such a violent world. Because people do get away with murder. Greg’s poor mom died not knowing what ever happened to her child. It is a slap in the face to Greg’s family. This guy molested other kids, murdered and decapitated another child. He lied about it for years and that’s all he got. So the sick avatars is out there free.

  5. I just got through watching (on demand) this story. It was a very sad story. I am so sorry for the family and sorry to open a wound to the family. I am upset about the police investigation! Why didn’t the 1st investigator talk to the sister and the younger brother initially when the police realized he wasn’t a runaway. This is poor police work to me. It stated that the police talked to classmates, but the 1st interviews should be with all family members living in the same household. I think it was extremely idiotic of the police. They would have found out about the fort in the backyard. During one of the investigations (when he 1st went missing), the point of Jon Benson going to the “fort” was mentioned. Why would the police assume that it wasn’t near Jon Benson’s home? The sister of Greg would have told the police immediately Jon had a fort on his parent’s property (their family home backyard). It is a shame that the sister assumed (because she was too young to understand) that the police were informed of this. Great police work would have found this information out immediately. This goes to show that police are underpaid so they do not hire individuals with great investigative minds (common sense). I know when my sister ran away in 1977 or 1978, the police asked me (in addition to my grandmother and mother), what my sister was wearing, addresses of all people she has been in contact or if any of us knew where she would go first. They found her in an hour because I gave them all the information they needed. My sister may have not liked it, but this is what a normal investigative mind should do. If they had interviewed her sister and found out about the fort in 1977, this case would have been resolved back in 1977 if not within 3 years of the investigation. I do not believe that the mother and father didn’t know anything. The father knew and that is why he covered up the fort immediately after the disappearance of Greg. I am so sorry for the family that they had inadequate police investigators back in 1977 and it took the death of Greg’s mother for them to find out about the fort (TOO LATE!!!!!). This is a clear example of shotty police work! YES IF YOU ARE STILL ALIVE TODAY – SHOTTY POLICE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • One of the kids interviewed said ‘the fort by the res’ and the officer stated they knew what that meant…which I took it meant there was a nearby reservoir that had a fort the kids all hung around. Surely there was not only 1 fort in that entire area. Plus being in a backyard, how would they know unless someone told them. Which they did, but obviously got their wires crossed as to where it was. It wasn’t until years later when the sister called in and asked why they never searched the fort in John Benson’s backyard, did they realize there was another one. They really missed the ball on this, though. He deserved much more especially after raping the young boys. The scary thing is how many murders and rapes he may have committed all the years after he knew he didn’t get caught. Surely it didn’t end with Greg. And for a 15 year old to decapitate another peer…definitely a sick individual here. And knowing he is now free is scarier.

    • I’m there.. he needs to be put away permanently….

    • I agree! I just seen this on true crime an yes bad police work ” very frustrating an sole destroying ” I would like him to be packed raped an badly violated to death as no child is safe whilst he is freeeeeeeee

    • The police were totally derelict in their responsibility to the victims as well as their community. The show indicated Jon Benson was more than a suspect. He needs to be locked up for the rest of his life for the protection of all. Society should be aware of his whereabouts at all times.

  6. He will do it again. He was already In jail for attempting to lure a child. Yes he will be the next monster pedophile serial killer. I cannot believe they let him plead to manslaughter. They had his ass for the murder and could have easily gotten a conviction. People get caught with pot and get stiffer sentences.its all about money with the judicial system, offers plea and they don’t have to put on a trial. In this case they should of to protect all the children who will suffer and where is Greg’s justice. This is bullshit.

  7. The cops need to keep hounding this creep until he explodes and kills himself.

  8. I think Jon Benson should be in jail for the rest of his life or put to death he’s a rapist and a murder Greg Holman mother has never knew what nor where her little boy has gone what sad story I believe Jon Benson got a slap on the wrist that tells a lot of rapists and cold blooded murders they can get away withit thats not what you call justice

  9. JON BENSON IS AN OUTRAGEOUS PIECE OF SHIT! Die in hell you Moothah Fuucker!

  10. Since it is a matter of public record. Can you tell us where he lives now so people can protect their children,

  11. Would it have changed anything or in his sentence if it were a little girl he killed? That is just ridiculous, there was no justice in this case

  12. He’s on the sex registry.

  13. Not making excuses for the police or anything on this case, but here are a few things to consider as to how this POS slipped through their fingers. (1) They did not have the man power to follow through, especially for a kid first thought of as a runaway, (2) the Scottsdale police where tied down to the Bob Crane case (Hogan Hero’s fame) around that time that the media kept forcing their attention to, and (3) the “res” meant the nearby Indian Reservation and they needed special permission to go on the “res”.

  14. As I understand it,he failed a lie detector test soon after the disappearance. I truly dislike criticizing overworked,understaffed investigation teams,but I can’t help but think that a search of the main suspect’s residence would have solved this mystery a lot sooner. Better late than never,of course,but also better sooner than later.

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