Psycho For Love: Christopher Brandon Lee killed Erin Corwin so that his wife would not find out they were having an affair

Erin Corwin
Erin Corwin

Christopher Lee Pleads Not Guilty to Erin Corwin Murder
Request for Records relating to Erin Corwin Autopsy
Ex-Marine pleads not guilty in murder of Erin Corwin; Coroner seals autopsy
Murder charges filed in case of missing Marine’s wife
Erin Corwin death: Christopher Lee waives extradition process
Former Marine suspected in Erin Corwin murder returned to California
D.A. files murder charges against man accused of killing Erin Corwin
Alleged lover of slain Marine wife charged with murder
Former Marine begins trial in 2014 death of pregnant wife of fellow Twentynine Palms Marine
Former Twentynine Palms Marine accused of killing mistress denied knowing her
Neighbors testify in murder trial of former Twentynine Palms Marine
Former Marine confesses to strangling, throwing pregnant lover down mine shaft
Accused killer Christopher Lee wants you to know why he killed Erin Corwin
Former Twentynine Palms Marine found guilty in slaying of Erin Corwin
Jury finds Lee guilty of first-degree murder for Erin Corwin’s death
Former Marine sentenced to life in 2014 murder of pregnant lover
Ex-Marine gets life in prison for killing Erin Corwin


Christopher Lee

CDCR#: BB8171
Age: 27
Admission Date: 12/22/2016
Location: RJ Donovan

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