Murder In The Family: Alan Hruby charged with killing his father, mother and sister after he confesses to their murders

DV 2014

Hruby Family

John Hruby, 50
Tinker Hruby, 48
Katherine Hruby, 17

Authorities Name Couple’s Son The Suspect In Duncan Triple Homicide
Investigation continues in Duncan triple homicide
Alan Hruby a suspect in deaths of parents, sister
Duncan 19-Year-Old Charged With Killing His Parents, Teenage Sister
‘An evil person’: Oklahoma teen charged with murdering family inside Duncan home
Duncan 19-year-old charged with murdering family
Son Charged With 3 Counts Of Murder In Duncan Triple Homicide
Prosecutor: Son killed Okla. family for inheritance
Best Friends Of Duncan Murder Suspect Speak Out
Alan Hruby Instagram account
Update: Hruby Family murders *Alan Hruby pled guilty to 3 counts of first degree murder; Sentenced to three consecutuve terms of LWOP*

Alan Hruby
Alan Hruby

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