Monsters Among Us: Franklin Delano Floyd – resides on Florida’s death row – killed 3 people

Suzanne Marie Sevakis, 20 [aka Sharon Marshall aka Suzanne Davis aka Tonya Hughes] [4/30/1990 OKC, OK]
Michael Anthony Hughes, 6 [9/12/1994 Choctaw, OK] (body not found)
Cheryl Ann Commesso, 18 [3/13/1989 Pinellas County, FL]

Find-A-Grave: Suzanne Marie Sevakis
Find-A-Grave: Cheryl Ann Commesso
Find-A-Grave: Michael Anthony Hughes
Man convicted in ‘Jane Doe’ killing
Kidnapped – Sharon Marshall a.k.a. Suzanne Davis
The Doe Network: Case File 8UFOK
Charley Project: Michael Anthony Hughes
Murderpedia: Franklin Delano Floyd
Detective’s Cold Case: Sharon Marshall & Michael Hughes
Franklin Delano Floyd v State of Florida
Box of murder evidence missing
Florida Death Row: Franklin Delano Floyd
The Search For Christina Carter (very intriguing)
Detectives Want to Know – Who Were Sharon Marshall and Michael Hughes?
The Life and Crimes of Franklin Delano Floyd
Wikipedia: Franklin Delano Floyd
Wikipedia: Michael Anthony Hughes
United States v Franklin Delano Floyd 1996
Franklin Delano Floyd v State of Florida 2005
A Beautiful Child By Matt Birkbeck
After 20 years of lies, kidnapper admits killing Oklahoma boy

A YouTube Video of pictures of Sharon

A Beautiful Child

Pandora’s Box: Unleashing Evil: Tainted Love
Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case: Identifying Remains


2 Responses

  1. Sharon Marshall/Suzanne Davis has been identified as Suzanne Maree Sevakis. Floyd was married to her mother and kidnapped her (and her siblings) when her mother went to jail for 30 days. Her brother was never located though the other siblings were. He has also admitted that he killed Michael Hughes though he has not said where the body is.


  2. I like the story and you tube video you did on my murdered sister.


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