• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Deadly Women: Geraldine Smith got 2 people to kill her lover’s wife, Valerie McDonald; All sentenced to prison time

remembering the victims From Geraldine Smith’s appeal:

On June 23, 1987, the victim, Valerie McDonald, was shot at point-blank range in the head.   Two days later, she died as a result of the gunshot wound.   The victim’s husband, Louia McDonald, and two daughters, LaChina and Lakeya, 16 and 8 years old, respectively, witnessed the shooting.   The investigation of the shooting culminated in the arrest and indictment of the defendant, Geraldine Smith, who was revealed to be involved in an extramarital affair with the victim’s husband, Louia McDonald.   Also arrested for their involvement in the shooting were defendant’s friend, Marva Golden, and the hired shooter, Eddie Williams.   Golden subsequently pleaded guilty to first degree murder.
Testimony at defendant’s trial revealed the following.   LaChina McDonald testified that on the night of the murder she and her sister, Lakeya, attended a church service with their mother, Valerie McDonald.   Louia McDonald, the victim’s husband, picked the family up at church about 9:15 p.m. and drove home to their apartment building on North Winthrop Avenue in Chicago.   As Louia circled the block looking for a parking space, LaChina noticed a man with a ponytail standing on the corner watching their car.   Louia parked the car across the street from their building and the girls exited the vehicle, followed by Louia and their mother.   As Louia and the girls entered the vestibule of the building, Valerie trailed behind on the front sidewalk.   LaChina saw the man with the ponytail approach her mother and raise his hand towards her mother’s head.   She then heard a gunshot and saw her mother collapse to the sidewalk.   The man fired two shots towards the entrance of the building and then turned and fled south.   As LaChina went to her mother, Louia ran after the man.

Lovers` Quarrel Turns To Murder Case
Illinois Woman On Death Row
People v Williams 1994
People of the State of Illinois v Geraldine Smith 1997
Illinois Woman On Death Row
The People of the State of Illinois v Eddie Williams 1994 (conviction affirmed, death sentenced vacated)
Spirituality kept Smith from dying in the ‘cement coffin’

Deadly Women: Lover’s Revenge (2nd)

Geraldine Smith – convicted, sentenced to death, overturned sentence, sentenced to life in prison, released on parole,
Eddie Williams – convicted, sentenced to death, overturned sentence, sentenced to natural life in prison
Marva Golden – pled guilty, sentenced to 20 years in prison

Geraldine Smith
Geraldine Smith


EddieWilliams prison mug

Offender Status: IN CUSTODY
Date of Birth: 11/29/1957
Weight: 156 lbs.
Hair: Black
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Race: Black
Eyes: Brown


Admission Date: 12/01/1989
Last Paroled Date:
Projected Discharge Date: INELIGIBLE


MITTIMUS: 87CR987001
CUSTODY DATE: 06/26/1987

MITTIMUS: 824339
CUSTODY DATE: 05/05/1982
SENTENCE: 10 Years 0 Months 0 Days


29 Responses

  1. How did Geraldine get paroled. She went from DR to life. The shooter went from DR to LWOP. Without her there wwouldn’t have been a murder. Without him, she would have found another shooter. Not justice.

    • I completely agree. She should be in prison until she dies. I was speechless when I found out.

      • This was a miscarriage of justice. She took their mother away from them and she should be in prison for the rest of her life also. Geraldine, had a reputation of being bad and going with other women’s husbands. She use to hang out on Cicero, at the Holiday Inn lounge, among other places. I noticed the article did not say, SHE HAD A SON by this “man” and while she was out on appeal, they got back together. He was a sorry excuse for a man just like she was a sorry excuse for a woman.

      • This woman should be in jail, I wonder what man she slept with to get out of jail. She claims she has found God, this woman is a cold blooded murderer.

    • Agreed

  2. I just saw her on Tv…looking for donations for Christmas

    • You got to be kidding. Asking for donations this woman is a piece of garbage. I guess she felt she gotten away with murder she can do anything she wants. I can’t believe this is Justice. This Geraldine is walking around laughing, smiling and kissing her children and grandchildren. What about the little girls who were left with out a mother and the image of their mother being killed. I am sick to my stomach and could not believe that someone on death row can go from life to being parole. I guess this beautiful young woman’s life didn’t mean anything to that parole board. I wonder if it was their daughter, mother or sister would they had so readily given this woman a free pass. This is what they gave this Killer Geraldine. This woman should be underneath the Jail.

      • Agreed

      • 100% agreed that she deserve to be in jail for life .. With a punishment where she can remember this family .. She can’t forget what she did to Valerie McDonald and her daughters. This woman needs to be reminded every day of her life of what she had done..
        Keep her away from social life from trying to help others or calling justice when it was not justice for the one who did not have a chance to plead for her life …. On top she is capable of saying.. “”justice will prevailed”” My Gosh she need some redemption for herself instead of saying she is out helping other woman and asking for donations … She needs to return to jail and served full life sentence.. Incredible ..!!

  3. How did she get released? I do not understand the Illinois Penal System. And they talk about Florida. SMH This is so wrong.

  4. Just saw this case on Deadly Women and was STUNNED mouth open when I heard she was paroled!!!! This woman should have died in prison. She killed a mother in front of her kids! The justice system seriously needs and overhaul and asap!!!!

  5. There is a ID tv show about her called Deadly Women.

  6. What,she got paroled? How could it happened?

  7. I’m watching this now on Deadly Women. Geraldine was a coward and psycho. She’s just like these
    other whores who only want married men. My aunt passed away a couple of yearsago at the age of 64. She was a “church-going” woman since she was a child. When her father abandoned her, she changed for the worse. She grew up thinking that if a woman could steal her father away from her mom then she was gonna steal someone else’s husband.

    But, she didn’t “steal” anyone’s husband, even when the husband and wife divorced, those men were just using her for sex and meals. I believe she simply got a thrill to break-up people’s marriages.

    How Geraldine got out of prison, I’ll never know. She should be in prison for life.

  8. You should mention what amazing work Geraldine does now. She’s fed and clothed thousands of children and donates her life everyday

    • But what about what Valerie McDonald did not get to do? Because of Geraldine Smith, Valerie did not get to live her life.

    • She had an innocent woman murdered in front of her children. For $500. She cares for only one thing. Doing something that will get her out of jail. This POS should have had to pay for her crime. Everyone gets religion in jail. It isn’t sincere. A jury gave her a sentence. No one should be able to come after and change it. There is NO justice here for Valerie or her kids that witness their mother being murdered.

  9. It weirdos me out how you people can act like judge and jury when you don’t know all the facts. Sites like this are ridiculous BC it just gives judgemental assholes a place to spout off. I guarantee you Geraldine does more to help society than all you all put together.

    • How do you know what people have done for society just because they comment on a blog? The same could be said about you.

      However, she did have Valerie McDonald murdered. What about her? In both of your comments you never mention her. Here, my focus is the victim. Remember her.

      • Right? Who cares what she does for society?! She killed a mom, screwed up three kids and ended a life, over a man who was married. Makes me sick that she is out. When the driver is still in prison!

    • What?! She murdered an innocent woman in front of her children. This is injustice. This POS should have had to pay for her crime. Everyone gerts religion in jail. It isn’t sincere.

    • What if it was your daughter that was killed or mother would you be so forgiving or would you be judgemental and want the person to pay for their actions?

  10. What happened to her son?

    • Don’t worry,our God says vengeance is mine,I will repay.Maybe not her directly,but the son who she bore for this married man.Again God will forgive her but she will pay one way or another.Did she ever get to connect with that low life adulterer when she got out?

  11. Why is that lunatic out of prison!? Wth kind of justice is that! The woman who drove received longer! All she did was drive the damn car! This woman killed another woman. Screwed up two little girls and her own child. And she is out!?

  12. She murdered an innocent woman in front of her children. This is injustice. This POS should have had to pay for her crime. Everyone gerts religion in jail. It isn’t sincere.

    • I do believe people can change but changing means being accountable for your actions or your sin. This means you took a life and in a vile way. When you can bring her back and wipe all the tears from her children eyes, then and only then should you walk. You didn’t steal a couple of dollars or get in a fight, you took a life. Do you really believe you should be able to walk around and kiss your loved ones and laugh at jokes when you made sure another person will never be able to do the same?

  13. There’s an obit of a Geraldine Smith from Chicago. But it doesn’t state any info except her birth year, which is 1948. Does anyone know if it’s this psycho?

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