Jack Layne murder 9/27/1978 Pittsburgh, PA *Grady “Lobster Boy” Stiles, father of Layne’s fiancee, convicted, sentenced to 15 years probation*

Jack Layne

Find-A-Grave: Jack E. Layne Jr.
Her dad faces trial in fiancee’s slaying
Legless Man Charged in Slaying
‘Lobster Man’ Guilty In Kin’s Fiance Death
‘Lobster Man’ Convicted Of Murder
Killer’s Disability Gets Him Probation, Not Jail
Murder and a circus sideshow performer
Excerpt from “Murder in the Tropics”
Excerpt from “Oddball Florida: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places”
Find-A-Grave: Grady Stiles Jr
Grady “Lobster Boy” Stiles murder 11/29/1992 Gibsonton, FL *Neighbor, Chris Wyant, agreed to kill Stiles, as he was abusive to his family

Grady Stiles

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  1. R.i.p jack layne.he was my uncle i never got to meat him


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