Kathryn Harms murder 11/9/1995 Anchorage, AK *Maureen Alice Malloy convicted, sentenced to 159 years in prison*

remembering the victimsFrom Maureen Malloy’s appeal: During early November 1995, Maureen Alice Malloy restrained another woman, K.H., in a motel room in Spenard. For more than a week, Malloy inflicted many brutal physical and sexual assaults on K.H., all the while keeping her sedated with a combination of alcohol and muscle relaxants. Finally, during the early morning of November 9, Malloy drove K.H. to a remote location on the Campbell Airstrip Road; there, Malloy murdered K.H. by slashing her throat and stabbing her in the chest.

A few days later, Malloy arranged for a friend to mail the murder weapon and K.H.s belongings to another friend of Malloy’s in Washington State. Malloy telephoned this friend and instructed her to burn the contents of the package when it arrived. Based on this conduct, Malloy was convicted of kidnapping, first-degree murder, and tampering with evidence. For these crimes, Malloy received a composite sentence of 159 years imprisonment, with no eligibility for discretionary parole during the first 129 years of this sentence.

Judge gives long sentence for kidnap/murder of former Juneauite
Supreme Court upholds murder sentence
Maureen Alice Malloy v State of Alaska 2000
>Maureen Alice Malloy v State of Alaska 2002
Maureen Alice Malloy v State of Alaska 2007

Forensic Files: In Harm’s Way
Devil in the Details: Buzz Kill


Offender ID:101334
Date of Birth:08/14/1961
Age: 52
Race: White
Gender: Female

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Other Non State Facility

Scheduled Release Date: 04/25/2105

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