Update: Stay Family Massacre *Ronald Lee Haskell charged for killing 6 members of the Stay Family*


Stay Family
Stay Family

Statement by the family:
“Stephen and Katie Stay and their beautiful children were an amazing and resilient family. They lived to help others, both at church and in their neighborhood. We love them beyond words.
Cassidy Stay, 15, who survived the attack, is expected to make a full recovery. We are grateful for this miracle. We are in awe of her bravery and courage in calling 911, an act that is likely to have saved all of our lives. She is our hero. More information will be forthcoming in the days ahead about her heroics, but right now we want to concentrate on getting her well.
We are also grateful for all who have reached out with their prayers, well-wishes and offers of help. We send our unending gratitude to law enforcement and first responders whose quick actions saved many lives.
We are shocked and devastated by this tragedy that has taken these precious souls away from us. At this time, we are not able to make any statements or grant any interviews as our grief is difficult to bear. Please respect our privacy and that of our family members as we continue to try to make sense of what’s happened.”

I want to repeat that Cassidy Stay is a hero. If not for her, it was very probable that her grandparents would have also been murdered. I admire her strength and bravery. I do hope she will be okay.

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Ronald Lee Haskell

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