News Archive: Serial Killer – Chester Turner

Turner victims

Diane Johnson, 21 [3/1987]
Annette Ernest, 26 [10/1987]
Anita Fishman, 31 [1/1989]
Regina Washington, 27 [9/1989]
Baby Washington (fetus) [9/1987] (no picture)
Elandra Bunn, 33 [6/1987]
Andrea Tripplett, 29 [4/1993]
Debra Williams, 32 [11/1992]
Mary Edwards, 41 [12/1992]
Desarae Jones, 29 [5/1993]
Natalie Price, 31 [2/1995]
Mildred Beasley, 45 [11/1996]
Cynthia Annette Johnson, 30 [1997] (no picture)
Paula Vance, 24 [2/1998]
Brenda Bries, 39 [4/1998]

Serial Killer: Chester Turner *Believed to have killed at least 10 women in California; on trial now*
Update: Chester Turner *Case going to jury*
Update: Chester Turner *Convicted in murder of 10 women and a fetus, sentenced to death*

Chester Turner documentary:



CDCR#: J69942
Age: 47
Admission Date: 07/12/1995
Current Location: San Quentin
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460

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