Monsters Among Us: Jerry Joe Bradish killed his daughter, Teresa Joann “Teri Jo” Bradish, so he could collect the life insurance, which was a whopping $10,000


remembering the victims

Man faces charges in ’85 killing
Man charged with 1985 murder in Wyoming
Texas Man Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Daughter, Then Killing Her
Jerry Bradish Sentenced to Life in WY for Having Sex & Strangling Daughter
Jerry Joe Bradish – Life Without Parole
Man who strangled daughter gets life
Monsters Everywhere (has pictures)
Teresa Bradish,13 / Father CONVICTED in her 1985 Murder

Unusual Suspects: Sinister Secret


Offender ID:20080227004
Date of Birth:06/19/1947
Age: 66
Race: White
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Wyoming Department of Corrections
Scheduled Release Date:

10 Responses

  1. He needs to have his head chopped off

  2. Hell awaits this evil Bastard. He deserved the death penalty, not life in prison at the taxpayers expense. What he did to his beautiful little girl
    is beyond cruel.

  3. Fry the bastard…and soon. The gall of the SOB to rape and murder his flesh and blood. And then he said he had “sex” with her, like it was consensual. No fool…it was rape…it was sick. There’s a special place in hell for Jerry Bradish

  4. I saw a dramatisation but missed part about how the FBI caught him. They showed real life footage of when he talked to his wife saying that he’d been arrested for Terry-Jo’s murder. He was matter of fact and very normal. She asked him if he did it and he replied ‘Yes I killed my daughter’. His wife cried and was wailing with grief. He then told his son and his son asked if he’d got a lawyer! WTF! He then said very calmly to his son ‘ You guys can cry, cuss me , want to kill me . I’m just telling you that I’m not coming home tonight.

    Some people are born talented, like Motzart, Bach, Rembrandt etc . Some people are born good , like Mother Theresa . So logically some people are born evil. There are too many excuses made for these evil people. Psychologists say’ They are not born evil, they were mistreated as children.’ Well , very few people have had a trouble free childhood. Serial killer TED BUNDY came from a privileged background . He said that he had something missing emotionally and he was not like normal people. He said he lacked empathy. He said he was born this way.

    These evil people should not have protection in prison . The inmates can deal with them

    • They caught him in 2008, over twenty years after the crime. They had saved the semen and ran the DNA once DNA testing was perfected. That’s how they caught him. In 2008, The detectives stole his garbage bag at the street and found his his current work gloves and got the current DNA froze that, then matched it to the sample fr M the crime scene.

      • A forensic tech was instrumental–s/he noted that the offender’s DNA was similar to the victim’s and asked police if any of the suspects had been relatives. That’s when police looked at the father.

        Yes, it is disgusting what he did. He raped her because he thought if she was sexually assaulted police would not think a family member did it. I don’t even know how you come to a place where you think that and then to be able to do it. Of course, to come to a place where you think killing your child is okay is wrong too.

  5. Kill this piece of shit! Period! I would given the opportunity!

    • without a doubt,he needs to be finished,one of the worst cases of love and trust from a beautiful little girl towards her dad that I have seen,I wouldn’t even think twice about putting him in a hole the fukn oxygen thief.

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