Parents Gone Wild! Raquel Barreras charged with the murder of her 3-year-old son Roman Barreras; Her husband, Martin Barreras, is charged with child abuse

Say NO to Child Abuse

Roman Barreras
Roman Barreras

TPD: Boy’s bones found in toy box, parents charged
Tucson police: Remains of boy, 3, found in toy chest at vacant house
Tucson couple arrested after child’s remains found
Family describes parents of Roman Barreras as ‘secretive’
Barreras Family: “Parents did their best to hide Roman from us”
New insights into the toddler remains case
Roman Barreras taken by CPS the week of his birth
Father of murdered boy says mom starved him
Siblings tell police Tucson mom starved young boy
Full Coverage: Child Remains Found

Raquel and Martin Barreras
Raquel and Martin Barreras

2 Responses

  1. May both of the parents rot in Hell together . Sick pieces of shit bags

    • I agree. People always scream about women who allow their boyfriends/husbands to hurt the children. This one is the opposite. Martin Barreras should also be charged with murder. He did not protect Roman. He should also be held accountable.

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