Ben Goeser murder 4/2/2009 Nashville, TN *Hank Calvin Wise, who was obsessed with Ben’s wife Nikki Goeser, convicted, sentenced to 23 years in prison (no parole)*

Ben and Nikki
Ben and Nikki

Nikki Goeser’s blog
Karaoke disc jockey shot, killed in bar shooting
Mobile Karaoke Owner Shot to Death in Nolensville Pike Bar
Murder Victim’s Wife Speaks Out
A Tribute to Ben & Nikki Goeser
Trial begins for man charged in fatal shooting of DJ
Trial testimony focuses on mental state of accused DJ killer
Judge finds man guilty in 2009 karaoke DJ murder
Nashville man sentenced for 2009 murder of disc jockey
Gun Rights Activist Nikki Goeser Shares Her Story

Denied a Chance: How gun control helped a stalker murder my husband

Obsession Dark Desires: Serenade of a Stalker


Hank Wise

TOMIS ID: 00504192
Birth Date: 06/13/1965
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: SCCF
Sentence Begin: 04/03/2009
Sentence End: 11/22/2030
Parole Eligibility:
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:

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