Serial Killer: Scott Thomas Erskine – killed at least 3, now on CA death row

Jonathan Sellers and Charlie Keever

Known Victims
Renee Baker, 26 [6/23/1989] (no picture)
Jonathan Sellers, 9 [3/27/1993]
Charlie Keever, 13 [3/27/1993]

Police Identify Suspect in 1993 Slayings of Two Boys
Children’s Unsolved Murders Add Questions to the Pain
Convicted Rapist Is Charged in ’93 Slayings
Trial begins today in ’93 killing of 2 boys
Boys’ rapes, murders detailed in Erskine trial
Man Guilty of 2 Boys’ ’93 Murders
Murderer to Face Retrial on Penalty Phase
Killer, Torturer of 2 Boys Gets Death Sentence
Killer To Enter Plea In ’89 Slaying
Lantana Woman’s 1989 Killer Sentenced
Murderpedia: Scott Thomas Erskine
Wikipedia: Scott Erskine

Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?: The Face of Death


Scott Thomas Erskine

CDCR#: J16985
Age: 51
Admission Date: 05/02/1994
Current Location: San Quentin
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460

One Response

  1. This piece of garbage along with Richard Allen Davis (Polly Klass rape & murderer) should have been executed long ago. 20 years later & they’re both still breathing. Way to go California.

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