Psycho For Love: Clay Starbuck convicted of killing and sexually assaulting his wife, Chanin Starbuck; He was sentenced to LWOP


Chanin Starbuck
Chanin Starbuck

Woman was strangled, autopsy finds
Ex-husband arrested for Deer Park woman’s murder
Man faces murder charge
Body was posed, detectives say
Suspect displayed victim’s death notice
Graphic court testimony shows how Chanin Starbuck died
Medical Examiner Testifies In The Clay Starbuck Murder Trial; WARNING: Graphic Details
Starbuck children take the stand
Jurors convict Clay Starbuck of murdering his ex-wife
Chanin Starbuck’s family hears murder verdict
Mother, Brother Of Murder Victim Chanin Starbuck Speak To KHQ
Fight to stop killer from profiting off Chanin Starbuck’s murder

Your Worst Nightmare: Psycho for Love
Dateline: A Cold December Morning
Scorned: Tall, Dark and Deadly


Clay Starbuck

DOC Number: 366799
Offender Name: STARBUCK, CLAY D
Location: Washington State Penitentiary
1313 North 13th Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 525-3610

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4 Responses

  1. Those Poor Kids Lost Their Momma, But Yet They Defend The Monster Father That Did This!!! Forgive Your Grandma Before It Is To Late She Loves You All!!! However She See’s The Light!! Your Dad=Monster PIece Of Shit!!! Look At The Evidence It Doesn’t Lie!!! Your Dad Is!!! I Saw Forensics He Is Guilty!!! How Can You Defend This Ugly Monster???


  2. Hello Bonnie: You have an outstanding blog.

    I think Clay Starbuck is innocent. Lots of “reasonable doubt” including unidentified DNA. Starbuck answers questions:

    Best wishes,

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    • I agree Clay Starbucks is innocent. Several factors point to his innocence.
      One: The strand of hair that was found wasn’t evidenced that directly linked to the murder itself. There were countless ways it could have been on Chanin Starkbuck’s body. Cleaning her kid’s room, laundry, even when she drove to kids to school that day, she could have gotten that hair on her.
      Two: Clay Starbucks back surgery. Clay Starbuck had back surgery that required him to be laid off from work. This alone should have raised flags that pointed towards his innocence. With the amount of pain he was in, and the surgery that limited his mobility, he was in no physical condition to get into a physical altercation that would have worsen his back.
      Three: Chanin Starbuck’s 9-11 call itself proves Clay Starbuck’s innocence.
      Even if it’s a few seconds, listen carefully, and not to the operator’s voice. Two sounds are vital during that recorded call.
      The first is the sound that is Chanin Starbuck making a short grunt, then a noise that clearly sounded like she hit something hard.
      This is a clear indication that someone had physically attacked her and had hit her in full force that caused her to stumble and fall and hit something substantial enough to make a loud noise.
      If Clay Starbuck attacked his ex-wife – then he would have been in a serious amount of pain. He would have most likely been found in that bedroom with her, crying out with his back blown out that would require another surgery.
      In his condition, he couldn’t throw a baseball, or hold a wrench. He may have been able to throw a punch, but only one and he was out. His back wouldn’t have been able to take it as he could have re-injured himself.
      Deer Park Sherrif found a solid piece of evidence that wasn’t directly linked to the murder and painted a pictured around that evidence to have Clay Starbuck convicted of murder. There was other evidence that could have revealed the killer and it wasn’t present because they didn’t find a match to Clay Starbuck.


      • Jacob,

        You may have some good points, however, you have missed something more important. Not once did you really mention Chanin, except in passing. You never had one iota of compassion for her. My blog is her to remember the VICTIM. Please think about her and remember her. After all, she is the most important person on this post.

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