Update: Farmville murders *Richard McCroskey pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Farmville victims

Victims (unconfirmed at this point-comes from the ones who called the police)
Mark Neiderbrock, 50
Debra Kelly, 53
Melanie Wells, 18
Emma Kelly Neiderbrock, 16

Breaking News: Four people found dead in a home in Farmville, VA *Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III has been arrested*
Remembering the McCroskey Murder Victims, 2 Years Later.
Gruesome Details Revealed in “Syko Sam” Killings
“Syko Sam” Horrorcore Rapper Killed Pastor Plus Three, Say Cops
“Syko Sam’s” alleged victims remembered, suspect was horrorcore rapper
McCroskey pleads guilty to Farmville murders, gets life in prison (scroll down, a lot of other articles as well)
Horrocore Killer “Syko Sam” McCroskey Pleads Guilty To Quadruple Slaying
Murderpedia: Richard McCroskey
Wikipedia: Farmville murders

Web of Lies: Farmville Horror


Richard McCroskey

OFFENDER NAME: Richard Samuel Alden McCroskey III
RACE: White
VADOC RELEASE DATE: Multiple Life Sentences
LOCATION: Red Onion State Prison
10800 H. Jack Rose Highway
P. O. Box 970
Pound, VA 24279
(276) 796-7510

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  1. Strange what does and doesn’t get you the death penalty in this country.

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