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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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News Archive: Teresa Halbach murder

Teresa Halbach
Teresa Halbach

Teresa Halbach murder 10/31/005 Chilton, WI *Teresa’s body found*
Update: Teresa Halbach murder *Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey charged with her murder*
Update: Teresa Halbach murder *Brendan Dassey offered a plea detail*
Update: Teresa Halbach murder *Pretrial motions and hearings, Avery’s trial scheduled for April*
This Day in History: Teresa Halbach murder 2005
Update: Teresa Halbach murder *Verdict alert* Steven Avery found guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

The Innocent Killer: A True Story of a Wrongful Conviction and its Astonishing Aftermath

Steven Avery: Innocent Or Guilty
Did He Do It?: Steven Avery
Making a Murderer (Yes,Steven Avery was innocent of the rape that he was convicted of and that he went to prison for. However, that did NOT give him carte blanch to commit crimes, especially murder)

Steven Avery – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Brendan Dassey – convicted, sentenced to life in prison, not eligible for parole for at least 41 years


StevenAvery prison mug

DOC #: 00122987
Birth Year: 1962
Age: 51
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 211
Hair Color: GRAY
Eye Color: BLUE
PhotoDate: 06/05/2007

Institution: Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
Region Unit: 4 09
940 Maritime Dr
Manitowoc, WI 54220-2921

State of Wisconsin vs. Steven A. AVERY

Manitowoc County Case Number 2005CF000381

The defendant Steven A. AVERY was found guilty of the following charge(s) in this case. One or more other charges were dismissed. The dismissed charges were not proven and have no legal effect. Steven A. AVERY is presumed innocent of the dismissed charges. On one or more other charges, Steven A. AVERY was found not guilty. These charges were not proven and have no legal effect. Steven A. AVERY is presumed innocent of the not guilty charges.
Steven A. AVERY was found guilty of PTC 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, a class A felony, Wisconsin Statutes 940.01(1)(a).
Steven A. AVERY was found guilty of Felon Possess Firearm, a class G felony, Wisconsin Statutes 941.29(2)(a).


BrendanDassey prison mug

DOC #: 00516985
Birth Year: 1989
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 250
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
PhotoDate: 10/11/2011

Institution: Green Bay Correctional Institution
Region Unit: 4 09
940 Maritime Dr
Manitowoc, WI 54220-2921

Registered Sex Offender

Registration Begin: 04/25/2007
Compliance Status: COMPLIANT
Criminal code: 940.225(2): Second-Degree Sexual Assault

State of Wisconsin vs. Brendan R. DASSEY

Manitowoc County Case Number 2006CF000088

The defendant Brendan R. DASSEY was found guilty of the following charge(s) in this case.
PTC 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, a class A felony, Wisconsin Statutes 940.01(1)(a).
PTC Mutilating a Corpse, a class F felony, Wisconsin Statutes 940.11(1).
PTC 2nd Degree Sexual Assault/Use of Force, a class C felony, Wisconsin Statutes 940.225(2)(a).


3 Responses

  1. Shame, shame, a thousand times shame on Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey! May people look away from you in your presence, may they hide their faces from two shameful men who bullied and violated and murdered a woman who weighed half their weight, who was lured by Avery to his property. May people gawk at and whisper behind the backs of this family when they are out and about…May their property and family be infamous . “In the Lake of Fire will be cast.. fornicators …murderers…”(Bk of Revelation).
    Dassey and Avery, nephew and uncle of a shame-ridden, pathologically deviant family, involved in rape and porn, will burn forever in the Lake of Fire. Their sin – which they still deny – shall eternally be before them. Their suffering will never end.

    Teresa Halbach is in the presence of God.

  2. Except that the state had a pretty good reason to frame Avery; they would have been slaughtered in that lawsuit and some of the evidence was definately planted. Brendan Dassey’s confession was complete horseshit, one expert admitted she accidentally contaminated the sample, one expert used junk science and the prosecutor presented mutually incompatible theories for the two trials. That raises fair doubt to me. What’s more Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey are just as likely.

    “If Avery committed the crime, he did it in a way that doesn’t match either of the prosecutions (mutually incompatible) theories of the case that they used at his and Brendan Dassey’s trial. In Dassey’s trial, Theresa was raped and had her throat cut in the bedroom in a way that would have been impossible for anyone but a trained forensic analyst to hide. In Avery’s trial, she was killed in the garage by gunshot wound to the head, which might have been possible to clean up with bleach except that it also would have removed traces of Avery’s own DNA, which were found all over the supposed scene of the crime.

    Both theories literally violate the laws of physics, and I have to wonder how any jury could possibly convict based on such utter nonsense. Maybe Wisconsin hired the water treatment team that now works in Flint and all the jurors had acute lead poisoning.

    For me, it’s pretty simple to get to the most likely scenario: 1) Ask “who benefits?”, 2) Follow the money. $36 million for a rural county would have been a tremendous blow and the careers and reputations of everyone involved in the 1985 case would have been kaput. People have committed mass murder over far less, so it’s absurd to think that a sheriff’s department that’s already been caught railroading the same guy without the monetary incentive would have any qualms about knowingly framing him. My opinion is that they found Halbach’s car and remains days earlier and then drove the car onto the Avery salvage yard and scattered the remains near the fire pit. Alternatively, the real killer(s) might have noticed their laser focus on Avery and arranged the evidence to give them what they wanted.

    Does anyone actually think Avery did it, and if so, what is your theory of the case, since the prosecution’s is physically impossible?”

  3. Ryan, I totally agree with some of the things you’ve said and I’m just curious if you have any other thoughts about what might have happened to Teresa, what you think about the involvement of his nephew and if you think if she was actually killed by someone else then placed on the property where did they burn her body etc? Obviously I’m not expecting you to have all the answers but you’ve clearly thought about it a lot.

    The thing that keeps bugging me that is true is she was specifically requested by him to come and take the photos and she never left/was seen again so if it didn’t happen there – did she just happen to run into the killer on her way out?!
    You mention about the jury but if everybody in the town celebrated when he was released could the state really find 12 people to (as you say) see that the theories deny the law of physics and not see the truth. I don’t think the actual truth has been told and we may not ever know.

    Also as you said about the police and it has been a tremendous blow and the careers and reputations of everyone involved in the1985 case are kaput but with today’s technology etc would the police really risk everything else they have to frame him, I mean we’re not just talking about reputations (which would end up ruined either way) we’re talking about their freedom – the people at the district attorneys office, cops, scientists, csi’s, they jury – if this had been to frame him and the nephew then do we really think they would all risk their careers and freedom for a much
    huger conspiracy rather than taking the1985 case on the chin and just admit, apologise & try to come to an agreement about the lawsuit that in another few months would be “old news” I mean surely it would take only 1 person to have a conscience and say I’m not going to lie and cover up anything. With dna testing on old cases happening right now these wrongful convictions are being found all over America and whilst it’s hard for everyone involved, would they really risk even more by framing avery and his nephew – I’m just not so sure.

    All I hope is the family gets justice and if the police have used their daughter as a pawn to frame them of course I hope the truth will come out (and if it’s the case the county would end up with another huge lawsuit) and so far the nephew has been denied a retrial so that just makes things
    even more confusing because if the body &
    car were planted to frame avery how comes they aren’t both looking at new trials, with everything you’ve said about the evidence if avery didn’t do it on the property (or at all) then surely the nephew didn’t either, I mean why would the police involve him if they were out to get avery.(These are just general questions I’m putting out there, I’m not expecting you to have the answers) I just hope the extra fuss being made about avery and the wrongful rape conviction etc plus all the media surrounding this that it doesn’t end up with the nephew left in prison taking all the responsibility.

    All I can say is in my gut I believe he did it which is useless I know, I agree huge mistakes have been made. Something is truly fu**ed up about this case and it has more twists and
    turns than a Hollywood movie.

    My heart truly goes out to the family and the memory of Teresa as when cases get this crazy and huge the real victim gets forgotten about and I can’t imagine what her family must be going thru right now with all this coming back up again.

    P.S of course if they didn’t do it they are victims too I know but Teresa is really the true innocent victim in this and that shouldn’t be forgotten by everyone involved.

    Oh one last thought and I’m not exactly sure how things work in the US and the various states but if this all has been a cover up could or would the FBI or internal affairs not look and investigate everything to do with this case?

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