Psycho For Love: Cross-dresser Richard Sharpe killed his wife Karen Sharpe, sentenced to LWOP, but hung himself in prison


Karen Sharpe
Karen Sharpe

Find-A-Grave: Karen Hatfield Sharpe
Former HMS Instructor Suspected of Murder
Husband’s Insanity Plea in Wife’s Death a Longshot, Experts Say
Doctor: ‘Insanity” incited wife’s slaying
Cross-dressing dermatologist to claim insanity at wife’s sensational murder trial
Cross-dressing doctor who killed wife recounts shooting
Man’s mental state debated during trial
Cross-dressing doctor testifies at murder trial
Jury begins deliberations in dermatologist’s murder trial
Sharpe gets life sentence as victims address court
Defense says fellow inmate set up Richard Sharpe
Killer dermatologist found dead in cell
Richard Sharpe, Cross-Dressing Doctor Convicted of Murdering his Wife Karen, Hangs Himself in His Cell
Murderpedia: Dr. Richard Sharpe

Twisted: The secret desires and bizarre double life of Dr. Richard Sharpe

Deadly Sins: Killing Can Be A Drag
The Investigators: A Doctor’s Demons

Richard Sharpe
Richard Sharpe

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