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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Gregorio Espinoza murder 5/5/2001 Maricopa County, AZ *Mayra Isabel Barraza convicted of stabbing him 60 times in the chest, sentenced to 22 years in prison*

Taken from Mayra Barraza’s appeal:

Mayra Isabel Barraza (“Barraza”) appeals from the trial court’s imposition of a twenty-two year aggravated sentence for her conviction of second degree murder. On May 4, 2001, Gregorio Espinoza (“Espinoza”), a forty-seven-year-old landscaper, picked up Barraza, seventeen years old at the time, for a date at approximately 8:30 p.m. Barraza met Espinoza when Espinoza did landscaping work for the neighbors of a family Barraza babysat for. Barraza claimed that Espinoza did not have any romantic interest in her and that he knew she was homosexual. When Espinoza picked Barraza up on May 4, 2001, Espinoza stopped to purchase beer and then took her back to his house so that he could take a shower.

While at Espinoza’s house, Barraza stabbed Espinoza sixty times with a knife. Espinoza, who was five feet, two inches in height and weighed 139 pounds, bled to death in “a matter of minutes.” The wounds covered Espinoza’s chest, back, and neck, in addition to defensive wounds on the hands and forearms. Espinoza’s brother discovered the body and called the police.

When the police arrived at Espinoza’s house, they found a bloody towel used to wipe something, diluted blood in the sink, and a bloody footprint and handprint later identified as Barraza’s. The police also found a piece of paper in Espinoza’s truck with Barraza’s name, address, and phone number.

The police subsequently contacted Barraza. Barraza denied ever having been at Espinoza’s house and claimed that she was with friends on May 4, 2001. The police attempted to verify her story, but it proved to be false. During a third interview with police, which took place May 11, 2001, Barraza admitted to being with Espinoza on May 4, 2001. Barraza claimed that, although she is homosexual, she “plays men for money.” Barraza admitted, “I take their money and stuff . . . . Mostly they take me shopping, and they pay for everything that I buy, and so I just use them for rides.” She had asked Espinoza for money as well. Barraza explained that on May 4, 2001, when she was at Espinoza’s house and he claimed to be getting in the shower, Barraza went in the master bedroom. Espinoza, who was naked, then came at her, pushed her on the bed, and sexually assaulted her. She attempted to fight him off and was able to reach her purse, which held a knife that she carried for protection. She claimed that she did not know how many times she stabbed him. Barraza then remembered going to the bathroom and washing her hands. She took Espinoza’s keys and left the house. She attempted to take his truck, but it would not start. She began walking home, then later got a ride from a stranger.

The police also interviewed S. Gonzales, a friend of Barraza. Gonzales testified that approximately one week before Espinoza’s murder she was watching television with Barraza when Barraza, commenting on what they saw on television, said she wanted to “kiss a guy and slit his throat.” Barraza pulled out a knife and showed it to Gonzales. Gonzales testified that she 4thought Barraza was joking, but that Barraza said, “[w]atch,
I’ll do it. I’m going to do it, watch.” Gonzales said that Barraza wanted to “tell them she could suck on their neck and then slice their throats and take their money.” Gonzales took the knife from Barraza because, even though she “took it as a joke,” she wanted to “make[] sure.” Both Gonzales and Barraza forgot about the knife.

Barraza was charged with one count of first degree murder. A jury found Barraza guilty of the lesser-included offense of second degree murder. At Barraza’s sentencing hearing, held June 21, 2002, the trial court found as mitigating factors Barraza’s age and lack of prior criminal involvement. The court also found aggravating factors, including that it was an “egregious, brutal, calculated thrill killing that has caused substantial emotional harm.” The court believed that it was necessary “to protect society from what the Court believes to be a dangerous and disturbed young woman,” and accordingly sentenced her to the maximum aggravated term of twenty-two years imprisonment.

State of Arizona v Mayra Isabel Barraza 2005 (affirmed conviction and sentence)
State of Arizona v Mayra Isabel Barraza 2007 (affirmed conviction and sentence)

20/20: Mayra’s Revenge?



Inmate 168203

Last Name: BARRAZA
First Name: MAYRA
Middle Initial: I
Birth Date: 09/15/1983
Gender: FEMALE
Height (inches): 64
Weight: 137
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Sentence: 22 years
Admission: 07/01/2002
Max End Date: 05/08/2023
Unit: ASPC Perryville Santa Cruz

Commitment Information 1 record(s)

Commit# Sentence Sentence County Court Cause# Offense Date Sentence Status Crime Crime Info Felony Class Ruling Verified

Sentence Information 1 record(s)

Commit# Sentence yyymmdd Admit Date Consec/ Concur Release Date(s) Supervision End Sentence Expiration Flat Maximum
A01 022/00/00 06/21/2002 Supervised:05/08/2023 07/07/2026 05/08/2023


21 Responses

  1. Put Jodi Arias in with her and give them both knives to play with. She should’ve received life w/o parole like Jodi will get.

  2. What was her lawyer thinking? She’s on record as having fabricated an alibi, admitting she used men for money, asking him for money, willingly entering his home and bedroom, admitting that she’s the one who stabbed him — and they thought he could get an acquittal? A plea bargain to manslaughter could have had her out in as little as five years!

    • However, none of that is justice for Gregorio Espinoza. She should have spent the rest of her life in prison.

      Always remember the victim and their loved ones. They are the ones that matter.

      • But that’s what happens when a man comes at you naked and you already have the knowledge in your mind that they are a lesbian. Can’t expect it to end well

      • tell me, mylifeofcrime, what was a 47 year old man doing in bed with a teenager? Had she been a year younger it would have been child abuse! I’m not saying that Espinoza deserved to die, he didn’t. She shouldn’t have had a knife in the first place, but, mostly, she shouldn’t have been sexually abused! It’s a cycle of violence. Mayra took her anger at men out on Espinoza. What about the guys who raped her prior to that? And I’m speaking from personal experience, here…yes, Mayra should have been convicted, but not of second degree murder. She’s going to suffer for the rest of her life for the sexual abuse and her reaction on Espinoza…

        • I do agree with most of what you are saying. However, she stabbed him 60 times, which is more than self-defense. I saw that episode and do have compassion for her. But, I don’t remember them saying that her allegations of sexual abuse were confirmed. And I really agree that Gregorio had absolutely no business going out with a 17 year old girl, much less trying to have sex with her.

        • As far as Im concerned she got off light. When she gets out she’ll be younger than he was when she killed him. Her prior abuse doesn’t get her a pass. I too personally know how it feels to be abused verbally, beatings-punched..kicked..beat naked with extension cords molested & raped for years. Never have I taken my pain out on another soul and that pain is still there & I turn 60 this year. I’ve never used my horrible life as an excuse to use or harm anyone. She deserved LWOP. She needs to spend every second of the sentence she got behind those bars.

        • I totally agree .. We were all young at one point .. I could just imagine her emotions as a young girl .. You couldn’t have said it better !

  3. She basically got away with it. Not much of a sentence. She should be in jail for life.

  4. In Myra’s case….and so many others, you get a jury who doe not understand the ” streets ” or abuse or living in violence. They think they can determine what someone would do in particular situations. But how could they? They’ve never been there!!! The juror that right off said 1st degree murder and stated she felt Myra was acting, was an idiot! The foreman was an idiot too! Self-righteous, arrogant assholes. They would shit if somebody tried to rob or rape them. Jurors with a better-than thou attitude DO NOT need to be deciding someone’s fate! Don’t get me wrong, Myra probably did plan it! The jurors still disgusted me.

  5. No motive I believe she was rape an the jury over looked the case repeal appeal case section 459 something really happen all that money left and robber didn’t lead for murder a black out can lead to two are more stab a minute she is right I believe if she was think it wasn’t that night lad to her arrest

    • It’s more life for people who are in a place like her 1st to 2nd degree murder and 10 to20 years but doing 22years nothing is right with this case but someone is dead sorry to that family but it’s something more deeper to this case win for more end to less murder can save from being in action like this Lord I Pray thank you

  6. She shouldn’t have gone out with a man of that age alone especially if she knew all she wanted was his money & second that she’s lesbian. Her motives weren’t any more pure than his. Its not like she was trying to protect her virginity or being virtuous. She stabbed him in a frenzied pissed off surprise attack! She should do life. No babies for her on Earth!

  7. She was unfairly acussed a 43 year old man had no business having 17 year old girl in his place .. Self defense sent her to jail smh

  8. Free Mayra-that perv planned on raping her-what about that? She was 17! He could have taken his shower and picked her up but he didn’t. You all are comparing her to Jodi Arias-this girl may have used men for money but she was 17 and she didn’t deserve this guy taking advantage of her.

  9. I’ve watched this show today ID, but it doesn’t give any feedback on the actual update. I mistakenly assumed that this incident happened in 2014. Meaning that Mayra has been incarcerated for only two years.
    I won’t judge her, because I can’t grantee that I would have done the same thing or not, I did encounter a awkward situation when I was 14 and I too had a 18 inch long knife in my bag. Would I have used it????? Maybe/maybe not. Unfortunately for her was the statement she made to her friend about what how she would kill a guy.
    Does anyone know if Mayra is still in prison, or is she already out??

  10. Kind of felt that Mayra got a bit of a raw deal but then I went on the Arizona Dept of Corrections website. They list disciplinary infractions of inmates. She has a LONG list of infractions starting pretty much as soon as she entered prison and the most recent one this month. She’s a rules for other people kind of person; she is where she belongs.

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