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  1. Rip Kacie

  2. If only…

    If only our government would make a new law that REQUIRES ALL
    public school systems in the United States of America

    to teach and educate young children (who are forced to attend school) about the dangers of…

    the internet.

    Kids don’t have adult minds. Children do not have the brain capacity to understand the dangers of exposing their residential address.

    Kacie’s police officer Dad…

    obviously never, ever discussed with his daughter what would happen to her if she exposed her residential address to strangers.

  3. Just saw the story of this sweet young girl on ID! RIP Kacie!

    • How sad. Poor naive girl. Stories like this just break my heart. So unnecessary. This girl should be alive and not a statistic. I am greatly saddened.

    • I agree…this story just rips at your heartstrings…this family has been through a lot. We do need to continually remind children of these predators…they are everywhere and the internet has made it so easy. Hopefully, Kacie’s death will remind others of the horrors of the internet.

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