Michael and Valerie Miller murders 11/28/2009 Webster Plantation, ME *Nathaneal Nightingale convicted, sentenced to 40 years in prison*

Mike and Valerie Miller
Mike and Valerie Miller

Valerie and Michael Miller Mysteriously Murdered in Northern Maine (GREAT article)
Trial in Webster Plantation double homicide begins Monday
Double murder trial begins with retelling of discovery of bodies
Day One in Nightingale Murder Trial
Hairdresser tells jury Nightingale confessed to killings
Jury hears Nightingale’s taped confession to police, state rests
N. Maine double-murder trial continues
Day 5 of Nightingale’s murder trial
Shooter found guilty of manslaughter, murder in couple’s death
Man convicted in double slaying in Webster Plantation gets 40 years
New true-crime TV show to feature 2009 murders in Webster Plantation

Murder Comes to Town: Rumor Has It


Nathaneal K. Nightingale.jpeg

MDOC: 18508
Name: Nightingale, Nathaneal Kenneth
Status: Incarcerated
Date of Birth: 6/2/1978
Earliest Possible Release Date: 11/5/2044
Location: Maine State Prison
807 Cushing Road
Warren ME 04864

3 Responses

  1. Found this when looking for something else. What happened with this case?

  2. Manslaughter. 15 years for murdering the husband. Thirty years, first degree murder for murdering the wife. It’s a ridiculous verdict! How do you accidentally shoot anybody? Triggers need a create amount of pressure for a gun to fire.

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