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  1. if some boy killed my daughter forget the police. how long do you think he would be around enjoying the luxury of life in a jail cell? about as long as it would take me to get thrown in the same jail cell he’s in. which wouldn’t be very long.

    • I can totally understand how you feel about events like this as a dad to girls, but its also why national conversation on this topic has to be elevated. Somehow we have to dismantle the system in place that boys grow up thinking that this is an okay way to handle a break up. How to handle emotions, how to live with disappointment, and the fact that other people are not property to be disposed with at whim, let alone violence. Something in the national conversation has to change, about sense of entitlement, rape culture, possessive-ness/abuse of power culture, ….sets up girls for subjective abuse, be it mental, physical, emotional, sexual abuse – this pattern must be addressed and changed before we can mature and move forward as a society. Together, giving light to the darkness on these issues, we can make it change. Lets do just that, in memory of all the Sierras out there, and for sons who we do not want to rely on the pattern.

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