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  1. That’s so very sad that he would do that now her son has no mother.

  2. I don’t think she has a son. She only had one child with Richard, a daughter.

    • Charity,

      Leeman Jarvis was Deborah’s father-in-law. Richard Jarvis was Deborah’s estranged husband. When I referred to “his son”, I meant Leeman’s son Richard. Sorry to be confusing.

      • you said “her son has no mother” not “his son has no father”…

      • Charity is right, you’re wrong. The couple had one daughter, there was no son left without a mother in this story. Unfortunately the daughter is in denial and believes the killer is still out there. Thankfully her sob grandfather and father are both dead and in hell now.

  3. I met Debbie Meissner in high school. We were in the same graduating class- Irvington High, class of 1968. We were good friends in and outside of school. We lost touch when I went away to college. I often wondered about her, and was shocked to hear of her death at the hands of her father-in-law. I have a daughter who is one year younger than Debbie’s daughter Katie. I wish there was some way I could locate her, as I have some photographs of her mom that I would love to share with her and Debbie’s siblings.

  4. Agreed, they have no Son, they have a Daughter

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