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  1. was this guy Weigand paroled?

    • It looks like it. He is no longer in prison.

      • I just saw the Joe Kenda show about this creep… How in the world could they release him?? These predators serve notice on society as to how evil they are and we still let them out?? You think he will not do this again? This makes my blood boil!

    • He’s out ,freedom…she’s buried, gone…Norman is one lucky SOB, because if I was in prison with him. He’d be dead right now, not out free to kill again amongst society…where is the justice. Who the helll is on the Colorado parole board ??mentally challenged morons !!! they’re no peers of mine..Fucking retards…Norman should have gotten the death penalty. Maybe he still has that chance, if I ever happen to encounter that sicko…my condolences to the Ross family ..and Norman (abnormal), don’t cross my path …Eye for an eye. Karma is a bitch and so am I….May you be damned in hell and may Satan have his way with you…cock-

  2. and Vicki is still in the ground. no justice here.

  3. He was eligible for parole in November, 2014. IF he was released it is a damn shame. He is a repeat sex offender and murderer. He is probably an incurable psychopath and should not be on the streets. Ever.

    • while i believe in our justice system in most instances, this is NOT one of them! he will be in the news again….sad thing is; so will some young woman.

  4. Someone should rape,shave,and torture this guy!! Karma is a bitch

  5. He’s done his bird now let sleeping dogs lie

    • You’re out of your mind..a mean thing to say? That the same thing he did to that defenceless girl should be done to him? He has pd his due??I don’t I’m think so. I hope he had to endure the same torture he subjected her to st least once a year. Try being a woman and being violated by a man that is much stronger than she is…its pure he’ll..I know. Justice? He served 14 years of a 46yr sentence. ..no justice there seeing that she is DEAD..

  6. Sure,, Steve, he’s done his time. it’s all good now. Hey why don’t we let him do to your daughter/sister/wife/girlfriend/mother/close female acquaintance what he did to Vicki. What will you be posting on here if/when that happens, hmm?

  7. Lt. Joe Kenda posted on 5-25-15 that “Norman died in his prison cell last Summer”. That would be 2014, I would assume. I guess he never got paroled.

  8. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

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