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    June 24: 1993: Jennifer, 14 and Elizabeth, 16, were raped and killed by a group of men that belonged to a local gang: Peter Cantu, Sean O’Brien, Jose Medellin, Efrain Perez, Raul Villarreal and Vinnie Medellin (most have been executed).

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Deadly Wives: Kimberly Parker arranged the kidnapping and murder of her husband, Sergeant Elihue Leander Parker

dv awareness

Sergeant Elihue Leander Parker
Sergeant Elihue Leander Parker

Body identified as Corps recruiter
Damien Demarquis Huckaby v State of Texas 2003 (conviction affirmed)
Kimberly Chavon Parker v State of Texas 2003 (conviction affirmed)
Damien Demarquis Huckaby v State of Texas 2010
Prison Inmates Online: Damien Huckaby (It says he has a parole date of 2015 and is not serving a life sentence, but that does not correspond with DOC records)

Snapped: Kimberly Parker
Facing Evil: A Military Affair

Kimberly Parker – convicted, sentenced to 99 years
Damien Demarquis Huckaby – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Marquis Brown – not in custody


Kimberly Parker

ID Number: 06483351
TDCJ Number: 01051118
Race: B
Gender: F
DOB: 1977-04-17
Maximum Sentence Date: 2099-08-08
Current Facility: HILLTOP
Projected Release Date: 2099-08-08
Parole Eligibility Date: 2030-08-08

Offense History
Offense Date: 2000-07-30
Sentence Date: 2001-06-14
County: DENTON
Case No.: F-2000-1290-C
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 99-00-00



SID Number: 06152361 TDCJ
Number: 01063191
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1978-06-01
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: MICHAEL
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2030-08-09

Offense History
Offense Date: 2000-07-30
Sentence Date: 2001-07-13
County: DENTON
Case No.: F-2000-1289-C
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 9999-99-99


44 Responses

  1. What a bitch. I hope she never gets out. Guilty as sin!!!
    Liar.. You are the mastermind. I hope you rot in hell! You were
    the trigger and Damien carried it out. You manipulative bitch!

  2. I’m watching the “Snapped” episode now and Kimberly is so nonchalant and matter of fact about Elihue. It’s unimaginable that anyone would so what she did to someone they loved. She certainly has a long 99 year Texas sentence to think of what she’s done.

  3. I watch the movies and they seem to be happening in the world. 😦

    • people try to give this Kim Parker a pass(Really!) She was young was the excuse they provide. Well it is so hard for males/females to understand she was in the relationship for the benefits ($$$) She was manipulative and evil. She knew what she wanted and it was not her husband. She wanted a thug(Damien). He has a life sentence for Sex and money! Elihue Parker (husband) had his suspicions yet he probably SHOULD HAVE LEFT. TOO LATE. a WOMAN who do not love (cold love) can not be warm! She is a “stone call killer” like most males. A good man had to die. Hindsight is 20/20. until a person has stood or been a similar circumstance do not judge.

      • I wholeheartly agreed with you and this hurts to know that she was so greedy and cold-blooded. She got what she deserved!!!!!

      • I agree she was manipulative but I wonder how they portrayed Damien as a thug? He worked in a call center! I never seen a thug working in a call center. Oh well, I believe she had a plot before she met Damien and caused the whole situation. The story is showing on a channel called TvOne and the show is Fatal Attraction. It gives more detail and she wasn’t even looking remorseful in that show.

  4. This little bitch aint no good… still in denial and her momma is so stupid too..the momma knows she is guilty but tries to cover for her…rot in prison bitch i hope you never get released.

  5. TDOC records are correct. His first date to be considered for parole is in 2030. I believe an inmate must serve a hard 30 in Texas on a murder conviction with life sentence before parole is considered. That unless it is LWOP.

  6. I’m watching the ratchet bitch she is not even remorseful. She is a monster. All for greed. I don’t believe a word she says . How senseless. She is responsible for that poor man death. How awful. She makes me sick. May she never see the outside of prison ever.

  7. This story makes me sick, I hope she never gets out, she’s evil..she had a good man..most women dream of a man to his caliber and this bitch got him killed, she deserves prison

  8. To be so cruel my God no sign of remorseful

  9. I agree she was manipulative but I wonder how they portrayed Damien as a thug? He worked in a call center! I never seen a thug working in a call center. Oh well, I believe she had a plot before she met Damien and caused the whole situation. The story is showing on a channel called TvOne and the show is Fatal Attraction. It gives more detail and she wasn’t even looking remorseful in that show. Damien was on this show and he looked very remorseful, I think she played games with these men and took the life of one and might as well took the life for the other one too

    • Most people who work in a call center its their FIRST REAL job meaning coming from retail, welfare to work ex strippers….and YES thugs. People wanting to change there lives. I have seen and KNOW people who start in a call center and have worked there way up in the company (i.e Dept heads; manager’s or supervisor positions). I could never do a call center not built for the environment.

  10. May God drliver us from evil. She destroyed a brilliant life. If he had not met her in life he will be alive as one the greatest marine ever live……pls killing each other doesn’t justify our actions. As awesome as money is to have, our life worth much more.

    • Your totally right about that she distroyed a very beautiful young man life and he didn’t deserve to die like that….✝️RIP

  11. Amen

  12. I just realized how old this article is. This is so sad. And I can’t find my comment I just posted…

  13. I saw the Episode on Fatal Attraction. I have also read the comments listed. All automatically assuming that this lady is a manipulative bitch. Each person is entitled to his/her opinion. One person stated she has never heard of a thug working in a call center. That shows that most on this post has little to no experience with real world, real life experiences. Others say she is showing no remorse. It is hard to show remorse when you are serving a life sentence. Prison hardens you to just about everything. I am sorry a man’s life was taken. I am also sorry that two other lives were ruined. Unlike most on this post, I believe Kimberly just wanted her car back and for the husband to leave her alone. I believe she went to the apartment with the intentions of getting her car back as the husband had hid the vehicle. I also believe that she is remorseful but also feels remorse for her current situation. We all are so quick to judge others intentions. I believe this young lady and will spear head a movement to see her free as i believe she simply was in a bad spot and was looking for an opportunity to get her car. I don’t believe for one second she intended or thought her husband would be murdered. I hope you all find compassion in your heart. A bad act or bad decisions does not make a “bad” person.

    • Steven,

      Since she arranged for the murder to happen, how was can you say that you don’t believe for one moment that he would be killed?

      And yes, I have compassion in my heart, but it is mostly for the loved ones of Elihue Parker, and the loved ones of Kimberly Parker. Also, please remember that the focus of my blog is the victim, Elihue Parker, and you really glossed over him. Please remember him and his loved ones.

    • In reference to Steven’s comment: Kimberly wanted her husband killed for the MONEY. She was there when they put her husband in the trunk of the car, also was responsible for master-minding the killing.
      She could have got help from the military for the transportation situation She knew exactly what those men were going to accomplish. She deserves LIFE W/O PAROLE…..and if I had been a juror, definitely voted for GUILTY.

    • She is a bad person, she knows right from wrong that was a good black man she took if she didn’t want him she should have left him completely and let Damian pay her rent and get her a car. Do you even know how his parents feel. She is a disgusting human being. And you yourself know it. You must be related to her or thinking about killing your husband for insurance money. But hey your right this is just my opinion

    • Dude, that was not her car. That car belonged to her husband, she was always stealing it and hiding it from him. That’s something most bitches would do! Trust me, I’ve been in that situation.

  14. @Steven I don’t agree with you at all. If she has any remorse it’s that she got caught. She’s sorry for herself and her situation. She’s evil and she’s right where she belongs. She will never get her hands on that insurance money she had her husband killed for. That precious car that cost her husband his life, where is it? She should be happy that there are always gullible people like you. Maybe you can put money on her books.

    • I agree Kimberly, she was found guilty because she was guilty. Keep in mind your killed for a car that was not even yours dummy!!

  15. So glad her ass is in jail. Do NOT parole her!!! For a minute I thought she got away with it the way she and her family were talking on TV. No reason for these men to do this or for one to admit the horrific details of his death (after being shot and left for dead in the swamp, the man was still alive the next day and thrown in the river to drown – how horrible), he begged for his life and begged for water to drink. She picks criminals to befriend over her husband, a good and decent man. What a shank. Saw this on Snapped.

  16. Guilty as sin. Who asks someone to kidnap their husband? You wanted him dead for money. Stop lying. Don’t ever release this horrible bitch. Mom and dad buy a clue. Who thinks her version of the story is rational? That man died an awful death. He was left for dead overnight and was still alive the next day and begging for water. They threw him I the river anyway. Women often don’t want to get their hands dirty, so they convince others to do their dirty work. That man would be alive and these men no in jail except for that conniving bitch.

    • Just got done watching it on snapped, not remorseful at all for what she planned. . Her husband didn’t stand a chance. I pray she never gets out.. talking about this situation as if she was talking about planning a party ! Callous she is….

  17. I have my doubts. Hang tough sista.

  18. How can u only think of u. What a waste of life. You are where you are at.

  19. I hope she gets killed in jail.the story on snapped is so fuck in heartbreaking. I want to write that as hole in jail,to tell her she is shit.

  20. What an idiot! What made her think she could get away with murder and the life insurance money with group of ignorant men?who does that ?she thought she could pin the murder on the damien guy and get away smh…

  21. Huckaby and Parker should have read Proverbs Chapters 5, 6, &, 7 and this may have touched their spirit and save them from such a dramatic fate. Both took the bate Satan offered them and sub come to his tricks/wiles (Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 10-17). To read and understand the aforementioned would take no more than 12 minutes verses NUMEROUS years in prison. Remember what The Lord said, in substances, to wit: one’s thirst for money will NEVER be satisfied. Both should have made WISDOM their sister as stated in Proverbs Chapter one. I pray that all who reads this message will stand firm against the devil and seek the kingdom of God. Like anyone, I struggle with sin (Roman Chapter 7 verses 15-29) just like anyone else. Now, I understand why.

  22. Three men force her husband into the trunk of the car at gunpoint and she don’t think they were going to kill him. What a bloody liar this winch is. Had her husband murdered for insurance money. I agree, she should never be given parole, never!

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