Psycho For Love: Glynn (Gabby) Moore hired Angelo ‘Tuffy’ Pleasant to kill Morris Blankenbaker so he could have his wife DeeAnn, then Pleasant also killed Moore

Morris Blankenbaker
Morris Blankenbaker

Angelo Pleasant got out of prison in 1996′

Find-A-Grave: Morris Ray Blankenbaker
Yakima coach shot
Joint trial upheld in Yakima slayings
Suspects to Share Trial
Pleasant enters innocent plea
2 charged in slayings set free
Pleasant trial opens
Former wife testifies
Brother Called Killer
Man convicted on two counts
Pleasant found guilty of murder
Washington v Pleasant 1978
New trial request denied
The Case Of The Agitated Athletes (by Ann Rule)
Wrestling with the Devil
Pleasant Valley Chaos Theory
Hard Time and Hemlines
New book describes Yakima’s most notorious murder case
Yakima homicide to be topic of TV show

A Fever In The Heart

I’d Kill For You: Wrestling with the Devil
Betrayed: Down for the Count

Gabby Moore
Glynn “Gabby” Moore

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