Deadly Wives: Lucy Pauline Rogers killed one husband, tried to kill another husband with poison in strawberry ice cream

Morris Lee Amos [2/15/1977]
Luther Elmo Rogers [3/1/1982]

Find-A-Grave: Morris Lee Amos
Pauline Rogers, The Strawberry Ice Cream Black Widow – 1982 (GREAT write-up)
Arsenic caused death
Woman may have tried arsenic on two husbands
Woman indicted for killing one husband, trying to kill another
Woman Charged With Trying To Kill Husband With Poison
A woman convicted of poisoning her fourth husband by…
Woman Found Guilty (attempted murder)

Deadly Women: Brutal Bride

Lucy Pauline Rogers

6 Responses

  1. But her 2nd husband miracously survived.


  2. His name was Morris Lee Amos not Adams. He was a relative….


  3. If I were a man of means and wealth, or a woman, and married someone who had been married before and then widowed, I would wonder…hmm..should I cook for myself? I am always so shocked how many times women have poisoned their husbands for money. So sad.


    • I too have been poisoned …my wife used rubbing alcohol over a period of 12 years ( off and on ) my father in law was poisoned in the same way by my wife’s mother…. that would be my wife’s father. After 20 years of marriage I have never felt physically better even after permanent liver damage, if that says anything. I doubt if I’ll ever be able to have a meaningful relationship with a woman again. I never believed someone could be so cruel and evil while watching a person go back and forth to hospitals, emergency rooms and doctors on more than 20 occasions..for the love of the almighty dollar


  4. Unfortunately being a sociopath, unable to be concerned about the damage a person causes to others, is much more common than most normal people understand. And, it is usually combined with intense narcissism, which means concerned only about their needs, nothing else has any importance. This combination of mental abnormalities occurs frequently and is everywhere, in members of all levels of social status. There are no reliable diagnostic signs, other than the behavior. Sociopaths can inflict any travesty or insult on others, without any care or concern, other than they usually feel more than justified by some rationalization or another. They can kill someone because that person looked at them wrong, in their mind, as an extreme example. Such a small insignificant “insult” is more than adequate justification to kill for the narcissistic/sociopathic personality, if that is what they want to do. These people have no limits on their willingness to harm others, or to rationalize such behavior as justified. This combination is what makes them so dangerous. And, they are often very effective con men, as again they feel no limits on their deceptive behavior. They can be saying “I love you” while they are giving you poison, or dreaming about shooting you. And, they do not see this as a dichotomy, because they simply don’t care about anything but their wants and needs.

    Often the sociopath thinks they are normal or OK, and it is the rest of the people who are strange or off, because they have real concerns about others.


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