Parents Gone Wild! Christie Michelle Scott killed her autistic 6-year-old son, Mason Scott by arson; She was sentenced to death


Mason Scott
Mason Scott

Christie Scott found guilty of capital murder
Christie Michelle Scott v State of Alabama 2012
Court upholds Scott conviction
Murderpedia: Christie Michelle Scott
Women on Alabama’s death row: Christie Michelle Scott
Christie Michelle Scott – Alabama Death Row
Christie Michelle Scott Sentenced to Death in 2008 AL Murder of Son

Deadly Women: No Mercy


Christie Scott

AIS: 0000Z761
Race: W
Sex: F
Birth Year: 1978

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23 Responses

  1. Did anyone look into that he may of started the fire? My son started a fire at our home, I thank God no one was injured!

    • She took out a $100,000.00 life insurance policy on the kid the day before he died!! Get real, please.

      • Not to mention she also drugged him and removed the smoke detectors. Sounds like the people saying he started the fire are her family or friends.

    • Your an a-hole. This piece of s&@/ boosted the life insurance policy $100,000 the day before Mason was murdered. She also has a history of fraud by arson in her past. It’s disgusting how she abused her son.

    • Also, she was implicated in starting several other fires in her home over the last few years, racking up insurance money to the tune of over half a million dollars. She was also seen by several people treating the poor kid like dirt. She resented him and didn’t want to raise him. At his funeral, she said something like, “Now maybe Noah (the kid she blatantly favored) can have that little sister he’s always wanted.” She’s a monster.

    • It’s true he could have but he had been given like a double dose of cough syrup that would already make a kid sleepy with a regular dose. Also she had started other fires before several in fact over a number of years.

  2. She’s where she belongs. With a flick of the switch

  3. She will rot in hell. I hope she suffers.

  4. I hope the bitch burns when she’s put to death and I don’t care who read this or if u don’t read it no matter what anyone says she’s on death row and it ain’t a damn thing u can do about it but type and hide behind a computer with opinions

    • Oh, like you’re not “hiding behind a computer with opinions”? I agree that if capital punishment is to be the law of this land, she should receive it, but why are you so snotty? Are you against people having their own opinions? I’m embarrassed that I actually share an opinion with ignorant people like you.
      You can’t punctuate worth a hill of beans, either…*shocking*.

  5. Monster

  6. I wish there was still burning by the stake, as this hog wold be a prime candidate. I was tossed into a fire as a small child by a neighborhood bully and I can tell you until this very day more than 31 yrs later I still have horrendous flashbacks when I get a bad sunburn or fever! Being burned is indescribable! I also happen to have a special needs little boy like Mason. There should be no appeals process for this heinous demon and lethal injection is too humane for her!

  7. I just watched this story on Investigation Discovery, and it brought me to tears as they were describing what happened. This evil #(*&$^ double the amount of cough medication before he went to bed, and disabled the fire alarm before setting the house on fire. She then ran to her neighbor’s house with her other son, told the neighbors the house is on fire and call 911, didn’t say another about her son being inside the house until minutes gone by when the neighbor asked her.

  8. How can a mother not love their child? Whether it has special needs or not. It’s beyond me!

  9. This is sad. What a hateful person that woman really is. Some people should not have kids, special needs or not. If you only wanted a kid if it’s not autistic or disabled, then, again, don’t have kids; just give ’em up for adoption; that witch should’ve given up her perfect miracle of a son for adoption instead of burning him to death. May this poor kid R.I.P.

  10. She was born a psychopath. I wish her husband would have noticed & been aware of that darkness. . .

    • Oh I think he noticed–he just lacked the guts to do anything about it and then he testified on her behalf at trial. Didn’t he think it was odd when his house kept catching on fire? Or did he just enjoy all that cash. One of her damage claims involved 109 pages and detailed items that cost as little as $1.00; she probably put this exhaustive list together before she lit the fire. Total sociopath who thinks she is entitled to the world.

  11. This Scott woman literally should be strung up and burned slowly to death and made to eat her own flesh once its roasted, start with her legs, arms, and then the stub thats left should be sliced and crucified

  12. She clearly hates disabled people. She probably thinks that they’re worthless. She must be a bigot.

  13. She’s disgusting and right where she belongs… I think they should give her the gas chamber…. Really slow.

  14. what was daddy doing? surely he noticed how she treated mason? this bitch should have been put down, asap!

  15. I hope the father came to the realization that she killed their son I can’t believe he thinks she is innocent!! And I also hope as they put the lethal injection that something goes wrong and she does with worst pain than the one her son had to endure, she’s not a human she’s a sub-human!

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