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  1. I just saw the ID show Motives & Murders on this case, think it calls for a letter written to this yard ape (isn’t that what you call prisoners?) to let him know how happy I hope he will be in MCI Convord the rest of his unfathomably useless life. Everyone join me.. sure Kurvin would just love to be reminded how hated he is, and don’t forget to jot down all the things he will never see or do in the free world again.

  2. This ‘man’ is totally 100% an ice cold psychopath! HOW COULD HE HAVE PASSED A POLY?? And was SOOO NARCISSISTIC TO HAVE STAYED IN THE CITY & Win an AWARD for working with KIDS?????? But TRIED TO KILL THE LITTLE BOY??? DESPICABLE and truly as someone who studies Psychology and the mind( brain) this guy is SCARY!!!!! He was a teacher as we’ll I think good lord!!!

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