Monsters Among Us: Elias Acevedo Sr charged with 293 criminal counts which include 2 murders, multiple rapes and kidnappings; He pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP – his total sentence is 445 years for all crimes

Pamela Pemberton and Christina Adkins

Pamela Pemberton [10/1994]
Christina Adkins, 18 [1995]

Sister of 1994 Cleveland murder victim Pamela Pemberton hopes for answers as case revisited
Elias Acevedo Sr., convicted Ohio sex offender, indicted on 293 counts, including murder, rape, kidnapping
Elias Acevedo Sr. indicted in murders of two Cleveland women
Medical Examiner: Human remains found last week in Cleveland belong to long-missing Christina Adkins
The longest of long shots: How authorities got Elias Acevedo to confess to two murders
Investigators return to former home of accused murderer Elias Acevedo, Sr.
Women’s underwear found in ceiling of Acevedo’s former home
Cold case investigation heats up after suspect is indicted
Justice: Elias Acevedo, Sr. charged with rape, murder and kidnapping
Cleveland man gets life for decades-old killings of 2 women
Elias Acevedo Sr. to serve life in prison for two murders and rapes of four family members

Elias Acevedo Sr
Elias Acevedo Sr

2 Responses

  1. This is such a shocking case. My organisation Find Our Neighbours (FON) aims to provide some closure to family members of missing persons by raising awareness on the growing number of statistics related to this topic.

    • That sounds great! But remember, please, no matter the outcome for the family members, there is no such thing as “closure”. Closure is a myth. They can find peace and move on. It is hard to explain, unless you have been through it.

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