Serial Killer: Thor Nis Christiansen *The Hitchhiker Slayer * Killed 4 women, with a 5th victim that survived

Isle Vista victims

Jacqueline Anne Rook, 21 [11/20/1976]
Mary Ann Sarris, 19 [12/6/1976]
Patricia Marie Laney, 21 [1/18/1977]
Laura Sue Benjamin, 22 [5/26/1979] (no picture)
Lydia Preston, 24 [4/18/1979] survived (no picture)

Thor Nis Christiansen was stabbed to death in prison in 1981.

Third Body Found In ‘Look Alike’ Murders
Coeds Discuss Attacks
Body Found
Killing, Assault Plea Changed
Hitchhiking Slaying Suspect Arrested: Man Linked to 3 Santa Barbara
Killings in ’76-77.

3 More Murders Admitted
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CA – Thor Christianson, 1976-79

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Thor Nis Christiansen

8 Responses

  1. That picture does not look like him. He was big and blond.

  2. the picture of Thor Christiansen is wrong. Thor was young (in his 20’s) and blond. Maybe the picture is his dad?

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