Cold Case: ‘Baby Hope’ has a name, Anjelica Castillo, and a suspect in her killing, her cousin Conrado Juarez, who has confessed

Baby Hope2

After 22 years, this little girl has a name, Anjelica Castillo! I am so glad that this is all coming together for this innocent child. I am also glad that the suspect, Conrado Juarez, has confessed. The road to justice is beginning. But this case should give real hope to those whose loved ones have been murdered, yet justice has not occurred. Sometimes it takes time, but it can happen. For Anjelica, the detectives worked so many hours, over 22 years, and they never gave up. They deserve respect for never losing hope, or giving up.

**Update 11/21/2018** Conrado Juarez died in custody yesterday. He never went to trial, so this ends with no real justice. He confessed, so this should have been resolved quite a while ago.

Baby Hope murder July 1991 New York City, NY *Baby Hope, aged 3-5, found in a blue cooler, still unidentified*
‘Baby Hope’ has a name, a suspect in her death, NYPD announces
22-year cold case victim ‘Baby Hope’ ID’d
“Baby Hope” cold case leads to arrest in New York City
‘Baby Hope’ cousin admits fatal sex attack
NYC police make arrest in death of ‘Baby Hope
Baby Hope Case: Cousin Arrested in 22-Year-Old Killing
Arrest Made In 1991 ‘Baby Hope’ Cold Case Killing
‘Baby Hope’ case: Cousin confesses to sexually assaulting, killing toddler Anjelica Castillo more than two decades ago
Wikipedia: Murder of Anjelica Castillo
Man accused of killing ‘Baby Hope’ dies after becoming ill in jail
Accused Killer of NYC’s ‘Baby Hope’ Dies in Custody

Torn from the Headlines: The New York Post Reports: Baby Hope

Conrado Juarez
Conrado Juarez

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