Monsters Among Us: Donald Flagg killed Anthony “Nino” Puglisi, then abducted and raped his wife, Debra Puglisi

Nino and Debra Puglisi

Find-A-Grave: Anthony J “Nino” Puglisi Jr.
Anthony J. “Nino” Puglisi obituary
Woman breaks free after abduction; kidnapper kills husband with gun
Abducted woman found alive, husband dead
Kidnap Survivor Mourns Husband Relatives Of Debra Puglisi Called Her `Our Hero.’
Suspect linked to other crimes
Murder suspect believed to be involved in other crimes
Rape, slaying suspect uses taped confession
Man Guilty in Murder, Kidnap Case
Killer-rapist sentenced to 8 life terms
Rape survivor calls for better 911 response
Impact Statement
Debra Puglisi Sharp’s website
Debra Puglisi Sharp: Recovering from A Spouse’s Murder
Five days of terror, then freedom

Shattered: Reclaiming a Life Torn Apart by Violence

Surviving Evil: Bound and Determined
The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Me


Donald Flagg

Offender Name: DONALD A FLAGG
Date of Birth: 11/19/1951
Age: 63
Race: African American
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: James T. Vaughn Correctional Center

11 Responses

  1. That’s why you don’t live in the neighborhood as those animals. Nothing has changed in 500 years.


    • R U nuts?! She lived in Bear, Delaware. That is not a low rent neighborhood.


    • This scary scenario can happen ANYWHERE.
      Look @ katy harris & crystal sulres who were children attacked by tommy lynn sells in del rio texas.


    • What animals, crazy beer drinking nazy skin heads?


    • Thanks for lumping all of us in the same group. Also, I didn’t know you lived for 500 years. What’s your secret? Also, we’re just gonna pretend like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and BTK aren’t more examples of white serial killers. Got it. Only black males are evil.


  2. None of this changes the fact that he is an animal.


  3. Flagg….that piece if @$!# should rot in prison


  4. Why wasn’t he charged with a Hate Crime,Black on white,this happens everyday,but most cases are with held from the public,the media try’s to hide every black thug that rapes and kill’s a white person,then the description of the the thug is so vague,and the picture they show is of a person that likes White,but the details are as follows,dark skin,hoodie,saggy paints, that alone says it’s a thug


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