Monsters Among Us: Larry Kusuth Hazlett Jr. killed Tana Renee Woolley, sentenced to death

remembering the victims

Find-A-Grave: Tana Renee Woolley
Arrest made in beauty’s murder; Officials say DNA identities suspect
Man accused in slaying has long history of arrests
Man Accused Of Killing Beauty Queen To Stand Trial
Man accused of murder may face death
Murderer’s conviction closes painful chapter for family
Larry Hazlett, Jr. – California Death Row
Case of the Murdered Rosamond California Beauty Queen, Tana Renee Woolley – Revisited
Transcript of Cold Case Files – Beauty Queen Killer

Beauty Queen Murders: Fatal Obsession
Cold Case Files: Beauty Queen Killer


CDCR#: V42368
Age: 66
Admission Date: 07/14/2004
Current Location: San Quentin
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460

One Response

  1. this guy makes me sick to my stomach – I wish his death live and lethal injection is just to easy – I wish it was not easy – cut his nuts off and slash his neck slowly.give him just enough more blood to keep him alive for 6 months of pain — then bleed him some more.
    What this sick sick man got away with for > 25 years is sick. Even if he is already dead kill him again. That women was absolutely gorgeous death was not not enough for justice- Larry Kusuth Hazlett,

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