Deadly Duo: Troy Andrew Smiley and Nathaniel Wayne Lee killed 15-year-old Jeffrey Blake Stone and put his body in a freezer

Jeffrey Blake Stone
Jeffrey Blake Stone

Jeffrey Stone Killed For The Fun Of It (GREAT post)
Men charged in slaying
Gadsden, Alabama Teen Jeffrey Blake Stone Missing
Help find the missing: Jeffrey Blake Stone, 15 [FOUND DECEASED/ARRESTS MADE] Etowah County, AL
Two Indicted in Death of Etowah County Teen
2 Men Indicted In Death Of Ala. Teen Found In Freezer
Grand jury indicts 2 in Alabama teen’s death
Nathaniel Lee pleads guilty to murder of teenager
Lee sentenced in teen’s 2008 shooting death
Etowah County man pleads guilty in death of teen found in freezer
Smiley gets 25 years in Stone murder
Ex parte State of Alabama re: Troy Andrew Smiley 2010

Wicked Attraction: True Bromance

Troy Andrew Smiley – pled guilty, sentenced to 25 years in prison
Nathaniel Wayne Lee – pled guilty, sentenced to 30 years in prison


Troy Andrew Smiley

AIS: 00282039
Race: W
Sex: M
Birth Year: 1985
Release Date: 08/12/2028


Nathaniel Wayne Lee

AIS: 00275219
Race: W
Sex: M
Birth Year: 1988
Release Date: 06/27/2038


13 Responses

  1. What sick guys & REAL losers.

  2. This is why there needs to be a harsher sentence for animal cruelty. Nathan enjoyed hurting animals. I hope Nathan and Troy rot in hell.

    • I know what you mean andu don’t condone what they did at all. I knew both of them because they were both classmates of mine. Nathan had issues anyway after his father and only Guardian passed away. But I nor anyone for that matter knew he was that messed up. They needed more than just that sentence personally but I hope they are getting a reality check.

      • What is worse is the police department acted more worse than the two sick men. As they pinned it on the stepmom instead of looking at the real evidence. The parents and their PI beat the police. Instead of suing Smiley and Lee, they should had sued the police department for malicious persecution. Money does talk indeed!

  3. Really it is the police that need to be sued. As they are the ones that blamed the stepmom over this. As she really needed to sue them and not the Lee guy. As money does talk. The PI and the parents outsmarted the cops. As they should had at least apologized for putting her under a cloud of suspicion. They nearly ruined their lives. They should had sued the police and not the Lee guy.

  4. These people are sick, and should never be released from prison. I don’t understand how the CJ system can let such losers and psychopathic freaks out of prison. They should die there just like they killed their victim. I feel bad for their victim and the victims family. They don’t deserve to live period.

  5. They both deserved more time, if not life in prison. Hope they both become someone’s bitches. But, as more info has become known, it turns out more of their friends knew what they did but didn’t want to rat them out because they didn’t want to lose their drug supplier. All these jerks should go to hell. Killing just for the thrill is way sick and those who covered it up are just as bad.

  6. I hope the Stones sued those inept cops in that town. Karma is a bitch and it does has its own way of getting its own brand of Justice. Just how in the Hell do they get such light sentences. These bastards premeditated this murder, tortured his parents, lied to authorities. That alone should’ve given them life if not the death penalty.

  7. The cops should be in prison cells with these two killers to keep ’em company.

  8. I am sorry those two boys should have gotten life and if they were black they would have gotten death

    • I am sorry that you believe that if these criminals’ skin were a different color, they would have received a harsher sentence. Regardless of a suspect’s race, he/she can be tried only for the crime committed. Unfortunately, as heinous as this crime is, it was a murder, plain and simple. The victim was over 14 years old, and the murder was not committed during another crime… kidnapping or armed robbery. The prosecutors, with the family’s input and agreement, accepted guilty pleas as well as the prison sentences.
      When you play the “race card,” make sure you have the facts. There is plenty of racism in our land…..against blacks and whites……we should be vigilant in our research and have the facts before alleging racism. .

      • Keep pretending race is not a factor in jurisprudence if you want. You are only fooling yourself.

        • These two should rot in hell.. but its not because they are white that they got light sentences..its because of liberal bleeding heart judges… people who always bring race into things are the ones that are racists !

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