Monsters Among Us: Justin DeRyke charged with the murder of his 7-year-old niece, Willow Long

Willow Long
Willow Long

Apparently, according to Justin DeRyke, Willow accidentally scratched him while he was babysitting her. This really made him mad and he chased her outside, where she “tripped and fell into a brush pile, which caused a stick to impale her through her neck. She began twitching and he decided he had to end her suffering by slitting her throat and stabbing her in the heart several times.” Yeah, right. Somehow, that story just does not work for me. It did not seem to work for the police either, as he has been charged with first degree murder with a bail of $5 million dollars.

Uncle Charged With Murder Of Willow Long, Claims He Put Girl Out Of Her Misery (EXCELLENT post)
Hundreds continue search for missing 7-year-old Illinois girl
Girl allegedly killed by uncle eulogized as loving
Willow Long Update: Uncle charged with murder in stabbing death of 7-year-old niece
Uncle charged with murder of missing 7-year-old Illinois girl
Uncle of Willow Long Faces Murder Charges
Willow Long Update: Justin DeRyke, Ill. man, pleads not guilty in niece’s stabbing death, report says
Willow Long’s uncle pleads not guilty in death of niece, 7
Debbie DeRyke, Willow Long’s grandmother, speaks out for the first time
Update; Willow Long murder *Justin DeRyke pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Justin DeRyke
Justin DeRyke

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