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  1. I hope she rots in prison .. she’s nothing but trash .

    • That’s right! Just saw this story on a television crime show. Rotting in prison isn’t good enough punishment for her. Why don’t they hit her in the head, strangle her and put her in plastic bags while she’s STILL ALIVE. THAT’S what she did to that little boy! He was not even dead when she stuffed him garbage bags and let him slowly suffocate under her bed. He was still warm when cops found him. And eye for an eye. She is EVIL. Do to her what she did to that boy.

  2. I just saw the documentary about what she had done and she is nothing but pure evil. Even if she lives to be 125 years I hope she spends it in prison. Regardless, the real justice is waiting for her once she passes this life. And I hope she knows that.

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